Annoyed in work and I want chocolate. NOW!

How did you break this cycle?

I'm a healthy eater, mostly, and after I lost weight with the help of MFP back in 2011 I've successfully maintained a healthy weight. Every now and then I need to tighten the reigns a little (like now), but in general I'm doing fine.

The one thing I just cannot seem to break, is when I'm stressed or annoyed and all I want to do is stuff my face with sugary stuff.

I'm in work at the moment (sorry boss) and am majorly annoyed over something and I'm literally biting my nails here and hammering on the keyboard in rage. I want sweets. I want chocolate. I want Biscuits.


  • MrsAustin1480
    MrsAustin1480 Posts: 83 Member
    Maybe hold off, have a glass of water (what are those infamous water coolers for anyway?!) then get a lower calorie version or just 2 squares of dark chocolate? Just an idea. I totally get it!

    Edit: I haven't broken the cycle of "wanting to" just the actual "doing". It's willpower and it's HARD!
  • A1345
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    Hi.... wow, I do understand the chocolate thing. It's my down fall sad to say. I am still struggling with it but what I find helps when I need something sweet is eating dried fruit. It seems to help with the cravings. :smile:
  • Francl27
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    Nothing but sympathy here! That's why I eat Quest bars... at least they have protein too.
  • doodlegoose15
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    HAHA I feel like that.. ALOT and I too am at work.. I could go for some yogurt mountain...
  • You should take a supply of Cadbury Highlights hot chocolate into work. Only 40 cals per sachet and they satisfy that chocolate craving nicely! :wink:
  • Siannah
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    I resisted, yay! It helped that the person who p'eed me off emailed me to apologise and admitted he was wrong :laugh:

    That's a good idea, the Cadbury highlights, I must get them. Will be nice in this cold weather too. I like dried fruit a lot, bit too much really, so I'd just overindulge on that too!
  • happysherri
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    I'm at work and just had a mini dark chocolate hersheys = 45 cals

    This fits in my daily calories and I enjoyed it in moderation :-D