Looking for a support friend

I'm looking for someone that would help support me and be supported. I have used Myfitnesspal for awhile and have lost and have gained. I'm not back up at my original weight but working on it and not happy with myself. I would like to lose about 50 pounds more and having a terrible time with it. Add me if your ready to give me motivation. I NEED HELP lol


  • I'm always looking for someone new to share in the journey with! I'm also on twitter and facebook as "LovingToLose" and though I struggle daily, I'm willing to listen whenever need be, and offer motivation if I can help!! *hugs*! :)
    -Heather Diane
  • cathipa
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    You can add me! I'm always looking for friends to motivate me. Good luck!!
  • momslastdiet
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    I was on MFP from Nov. '12-July '13, and now I'm back! Have gained some back, but knew I needed to start eating healthy and exercising again. I rely on the motivation and support I get from MFP - it's the best! Feel free to add me, the more friends, I think the easier it can be :)
  • jennifer_a00
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    My friends in here have been pretty quiet lately. Anyone feel free to add me :)
  • deannar417
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    Thanks everyone. The more friends we get will make it a little easier everyday.
  • zaan83
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    Hi fellow MyFitnessPals.

    I've had this app for a while, but never really had the motivation or energy to stick to it.

    However I have stopped smoking (8 months now) and can actually breathe again! I feel better and it’s time for me to lose the weight now as well.

    I’m a 30yr old female.
    Currently at a shameful 85kgs and wanting to lose about 20kgs

    My goal is to bring down the numbers on the scale – however my ultimate goal is to be happy with how I look and feel.

    Please add me as a friend & enable me to build a support system on MFP. I perform better under pressure :happy:
  • I need to lose 50 also, feel free to add me and we will push each other!!
  • LaChinaDoll
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    ALways looking for new buddies feel free to add