Hello all, I'm so glad I ended up finding my way to this website, it looks like a really great way of tracking progress and setting yourself up for success.

I've been overweight since I was young, and while I've always been VERY aware of it, teased in school and by complete strangers, I never really made any steps to improve. I'm admittedly lazy and LOVE to eat, god I love eating, but I'm realizing as I'm getting older now that this lifestyle isn't going to fly anymore. I recently graduated college with my BS degree and my long-term goal is to be a zookeeper, which requires being in shape- imagine that! I managed to land a part time job at the local zoo, and while I've been doing alright there so far, things would be sooo much easier if I were actually in shape. Oh what it would be like to not be inhibited by all this extra weight!

While I know I've got a lonnng way to go, I'm not looking to become a fitness nut or try crazy intense diets, I really just need to manage portion control and take steps to become more active, "small" (they sure don't feel small! OR easy!) changes here and there that will contribute to the healthy lifestyle I've been needing for so long.

So far, in the last 48 hours (when this lil' health bug randomly decided to bite me), I've been:

- tracking my calories (and wow it's amazing how quickly those lil' suckers add up when your'e used to just shoving food in your face whenever you feel like it)

- drinking more water- those Nalgene bottles are great for this, I've always had a problem with drinking enough water, but a personalized water bottle seems to help make it fun

Hopefully being around people with similar goals will inspire me to do the same!


  • just_jess7
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    Welcome and good luck! It sounds like you've got a good idea of what you want and how to go about accomplishing it, which is fantastic.

    If you are in need of a friend for support, feel free to add me. I will warn you that my eating habits are far from perfect, but I try to track as honestly as possible and I try to be supportive when I can be!

    Be proud of yourself for deciding to start on this journey!
  • vahine03
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    That's great! You know what you want and I couldn't agree more. What you have planned is great. Take things slow and learn control. It's perfect. It's actually the very same plan I've had when I first started. Stick to it! You'll do great. I believe in you! =)
  • 1808kristin
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    Also just started, had the app for longer already, but you know: Christmas.
    Wanna do this together?
  • zaan83
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    Hi there - and welcome.

    I'm also a newbie, but had the app for a while. Last year I gave up smoking, so now Im ready to take on the next challenge.

    Feel free to add me and we can all support eachother.

    Good luck!
  • houndbound
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    Wow, the support on this board is already overwhelming- thank you guys so much!
  • houndbound
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    I will add you, thank you for your support and your honesty! My eating habits aren't great either, but they're improving from what they were, that's for sure! It's hard, but we can do it!