Weird question kinda! (Exercise related)

So I've been doing the 30 day shred for the second time around and I noticed that it has whooped me! That's totally fine ... I'm just wondering if maybe where I'm doing the workout makes a difference. I did it the first time in our old apartment which was upstairs and had carpeted floors. Honestly, I rarely got sore and felt like the workout was too easy! (And I'm not an athletic person, so I know I wasn't too advanced or whatever.) However, we've since bought a house that sits on a concrete slab and has hardwood floors. My legs have been on fire from just doing level one and they feel so weak from just doing simple things like jumping jacks! I'm wondering if maybe difference in foundation/floors makes a difference in my workouts ... like giving me less bounce to where everything I'm doing is mostly dependent on my body and not aided by much cushion or bounce in the floor. Has anyone else experienced this? Or does this at least make sense at all? I'm just curious!


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    Maybe. More likely than not your time off from the first "round" of 30DS has affected you more.

    Soreness mostly comes about when your body is adapting to a new stress. As your body adapts, it tends to lessen or go away completely, entirely independent of your ability to do work, or the amount of work you've done.

    Give it time and you'll see.
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    I can't speak from a 30 day shred perspective but I can from a running perspective. I normally take the chance of getting hit by running in the street instead of running on the concrete sidewalks. It's much harder on your legs and joints. This could be a factor in your case.
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    A change in floor surface can have an impact on your muscles and joints. Try placing a cushiony pad on the floor when you work out to help reduce the impact and see if that helps.
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    Yes, it can have an affect, but there are a lot of other things that could as well:
    - Initial condition
    - Diet
    - Level of effort (you're more comfortable with the exercises, so you work harder)
    - Sleep/Rest

    As long as the pain isn't injury pain, power through it and your body should adapt.