Staring Over and looking for more friends!

Hey everyone! My name is Ariel and I am 23 years old, I am trying to lose 75 lbs and I need some friends who are active and supportive! I promise to be the same in return!


  • ejmcam
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    Hi Ariel, good luck! Just friended you!
  • Jennalyn77
    Jennalyn77 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey Ariel! I'm Jenna, 26 years old. I too am looking be more active on here. :)
  • Pirate_chick
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    I am getting into the swing of things too. I just sent a friend request. :)
  • zaan83
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    Same here :-)
    Just added you - we all need a little push & applause now and then!
  • therealblackdahlia
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    Sent you a request :)
  • hattonrw
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    Just added you as a friend!
    I am not really active in the whole "community", but I am on here every day. Just looking to lose a few pounds myself, but very active as far as exercise.
    I try to log all my exercise, but not always my snacking! :-)
  • lannabelle
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    Hi there! I'll send you a friend request. I'm on here everyday, share my diary with my friends and try to give all the support that I can. Best wishes on your journey! :flowerforyou:
  • CMary192
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    Added you too! I am in need of support and love supporting others even more, also starting over :D
  • dizchic77
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    I'm here for ya! :)
  • Hi! I am also starting over! I began calorie counting in the summer but then didn't have access to a computer for a while so i stopped and never really picked it up again.
    Good luck, I just friended you!
  • SandraD1424
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    I also just started again January 6, hopefully for the last time. Good luck to you:)
  • Joolyb85
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    Request sent :) The more friends the better! I'm 28 and looking to lose about 30lbs. I've not long started but sticking to it with all the great support on here. Good luck!
  • Amy_hum
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    I'd be happy to have some more friends if anyone wants to add me!
  • velocityc6
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    I'd be happy to be your friend, I'm relatively new here as well.
  • bnm1979
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    Y'all add me ????
    Mom of two beautiful girls, 6 & 2
    I have lost 60# in 8 months and maintained for 3 months
    Now looking to lose 20+ more and tone up!

    I ❤️ my ACE!
    30 day shred