Zumba questions

I have a few friends that do Zumba on a regular basis. They all look amazing and all advise me that it's the work out for me. I have to admit that it does look like a lot of fun, but this is where the problem comes in. My friends have never been heavy. They are all small and have always been small. My concern is that a person of my size who has already had one bad foot surgery may not be able to handle something so vigorous. How hard is Zumba on your knees and most importantly for me your feet?


  • Ninkyou
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    You can always modify the moves to suit you. You can talk to the instructor for advice on modification if need be.

    I haven't found Zumba to be strenuous on any part. It's more fun than anything.
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    I always do it at my pace. Even when they jump around, I modify it to what is comfortable for me. As long as you can dance, you should be able to do Zumba. I am not good at dancing so I spend my time keeping up with the instructor's steps and before I know it, I have burned around 600 cals.
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    I started out doing Zumba when I was bigger ( 16.2 stone) and very, very, unfit and it was fine, you don't get made to do anything you can't manage. Mention to the instructor about your foot surgery and they will keep an eye on you and give you options. Remember exercise is meant to be a challenge up to a point but its not meant to hurt. Zumba is a good class if you like dancing and being sociable, I made some good friends there. Another class to consider is Aqua Zumba or Aqua fit, the water helps support your joints and body generally and there is no impact on your foot but you can still get a good workout.
  • Even for a town as small as mine, our YMCA offers an Aqua Zumba class. With any luck, there may be one in your area. Given a decent pair of water shoes, this might be a great option for you.
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    I have really bad knees from arthritis, and when I do zumba I do it very mild like. The music is awesome and it makes you wanna groove your butt off. I modify so much that sometimes I say I'm not even doing zumba, but it is so much fun and regardless how you modify to protect yourself, you are still burning. Have fun.

    One night knees were killing me, they gave me a chair and I did the class "chair dancing style" and still sweated a ton.
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    I agree that Aqua Zumba is also a good choice. My YMCA also has Aqua Zumba and it's alot of fun, with less impact.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. I appreciate it very much!
  • I have been doing zumba myself for the past three months. I have reumatodis arthritis and recovering from stomach cancer (gastrectomy). I am also overweight. I mentioned to my trainer at the begining of the class all the issues and she told me at which parts I should not be jumping or doing sudden moves. Just give it a try one and see if you enjoy yourself. I have learned that I can never do it as completely as the fit healthier members. But I don't care and it is loads of fun
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    At my highest weight (236 lbs), I was able to do Zumba very comfortably. As others said, it's super-easy to modify and a lot of fun!

    I do share your concern re: knees & feet - I can't run above 200 lbs b/c my knees object. But Zumba - no problem!
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    My rule of thumb is if it hurts (as in sharp pain), don't do it. I am the biggest person in my jazzercise class. I modify the moves so I can do them. Over time, I have been able to do more things (when I started, I could not sachet; now, it is no problem). For most of class, I am fine but some of the twisting things give my knees a twinge so I just do something else. I work up a very good sweat and get a great workout. No injuries (knock on wood) - I think because I listen to my body. If your friends are there, they will support you. All the folks in my class are very nice (even though I can be crabby) and they all encourage me. It helps motivate me.

    Do something you love with people you like and you are more likely to stick with it. My mum started aerobics when she was 50 and this spring, she is finally going "retire" at 89 - her balance is not what it used to be. She already has a plan to replace it with something else not so vigorous.
  • I have been doing zumba for 3 years. Im not a spring chicken. Sometimes I cant do the steps or moves as quickly as some of the others. I cant do the lunges, knees just wont allow that. BUT... if its something that I cant do... I just MOVE.... step in time with the rest of the group. LOL... I make up my own steps and move in time with the music. The heart rate goes up, I get a great cardio workout, and I have a heck of a lot more endurance now. I could barely make it thru 20 min of zumba when I started. Now I get through the entire hour pretty well even went as far as to pick up a second class a week. Its a good cardio workout, and beats the heck out of a treadmill.. which just bores me to tears :)
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    Thanks, everyone! I may give it a try. Wish me luck.
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    You should definitely try it! Zumba is such a blast and the classes usually have a super supportive atmosphere. It depends on your gym but I know that we all clap for each other and encourage each other along the way. Nobody will judge you if you modify it for yourself and the needs of your body. It's so much fun that you don't even realize it's a work out. Come back and tell us about it when you go. :]
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    I started zumba at 245 pounds and had a pre-existing knee injury. Like every says, stick to your own pace. Zumba is not about making sure you copy exactly what the instructor is doing, but all about having fun and moving! There are things like some lunge moves that I know my knee might give out or it will be very sore the next day. I just stick to what my body is comfortable with. Hope you give it a try!
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    I started Zumba at 234 lbs with absolutely no exercise under my belt. I tried live classes and the dvds but actually prefer the wii or xbox version. I lost about 40lbs with Zumba and weights..I didn't feel like I was working out and I loved it. I really enjoy it.. I even completed Insanity after Zumba..

    I would give it a try and see if it is for you.. I honestly don't think I would have lost this much weight if I didn't have Zumba.. So far Zumba Core for xbox or wii is by far my favorite.
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    Well, I tried Zumba for the first time this morning off of YouTube. I enjoyed it very much but I only made it 15 mins. My old injury got pretty painful so I quit. The good news is I got almost 15 mins in w/out pain. So, I think overtime I can build on up. I'm going to keep trying it and see if I can complete the whole work out eventually.
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    When all else fails, just walk in place :smile: - that is what I did at the start (and still have to do from time to time). Good luck to you!