Looking for people doing P90X3

Hello everyone!
I have been using MFP for a couple years and I love it! I recently started doing P90X3 and would love to add new friends who are also using this program. I am only on day 3 right now and I think seeing everyone post about their workouts will keep me motivated to do mine!

A little bit about me:
I am 28 years old, almost 5'7" and currently weigh 127lbs. I am looking to get toned and lose a few inches (and ponuds).

Please add me if you do P90X or have similar goals!


  • pjowkar
    pjowkar Posts: 36 Member
    I'm doing it right now! Day 17 done!
  • nuttyduffy
    nuttyduffy Posts: 255 Member
    I've completed Day 19, not looking forward to Day 20 after a treat day of wine & chocolate lol
  • polostaber
    polostaber Posts: 7 Member
    Just finished my 3rd week. Love it. I did well with p90x2 but the hour workout just didn't work for me. I ride my bike a lot so this is great. Still very challenging, so the results will come. Feel stronger and leaner already. Start transition week Sunday and the block 2. Tony Horton is right....the gym is a wast....I do have the pull-up bar...using a chair to help me get more reps. I love this program...enjoy.......
  • pjowkar
    pjowkar Posts: 36 Member
    I've been using a heart rate monitor and now I realize why I have such a tough time. Today, my heart rate was up to 190 at one point during "Accelerator." I had to pause it so I could walk around for a minute and get it down. Do any of you have any suggestions for modification during Tony's cardio workouts? I know I was pushing myself, but I feel like if I don't and take it easy instead, I won't see results.
  • AcidWords21
    AcidWords21 Posts: 139 Member
    Doing it now & so far I'm liking it.
    Just somewhat disappointed that Cardio X is just an 'add-on' exercise as it didn't cause me to really break a sweat.
  • pjowkar: I say just go for it! Do what you can and pause the DVD if you need to -- that's what I do! My HRM has shown highs in the 185-190 range and I just take a walk to the kitchen for water and a breather when I get too tired. I always pause the DVD though because I want to get the whole workout in rather than stopping and letting it continue to play; I feel like that would be cheating! :)