Heyyyy.....back on mfp, looking for ideas!

Hi everybody, giving mfp another try this year. I've lost 13 lb since last year, goal is another 20-22. After only a .5 lb loss last week, and 6 days of working out plus dedication to the 1200 calorie daily goal, I'm feeling a bit disappointed. I guess I have to remember we are changing our lives not going on a diet.

But anyway I live in western new york, love it here, looking for some buddies on this adventure, feel free to friend me! Thanks and good luck!!


  • LittleonebeforethethroneofGod
    Hi there,

    Feel free to send a friend request and I'll be happy to be a buddy.

    As to the weight loss experienced this week, I know it's hard when one loses such a little amount, but remember the year is young and the little amounts will make a difference. :)