indoor tanning

I've been tanning for a month and I'm almost out of lotion, I can get top shelf lotion on line for half the price or less but I'm not sure which one. Does anyone use indoor tanning and which lotion do you think is best


  • imagymrat
    imagymrat Posts: 862 Member
    I use a product called show off, I order it online, gets me a nice even non fake looking tan for show days, I use the lotion as well as indoor tanning beds .
  • amstein18
    spellbound is my favorite
  • jameskirkbride
    I use a Tan Accelerator By Hawaiian Tropic, it is in a black bottle called 'Professional Solarium Tan Amplifier Gel' it is quite good & non irritating like others I have used, I also use a bronzing moisturiser too