Marvel Universe LIVE! ... really?!

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Yup, this is a thing:

Confession: I've been a Marvel fan since I collected my first comic book back in 1983. 30 years, thousands of comic books, and several exceptional (and hideous) Marvel character movies later, I cannot possibly imagine myself going to see this.... whatever the hell this thing it is. Especially not for tickets costing $40-100 BEFORE TicketMaster's "Don't forget the K-Y" fees!

I peeked at the website a few min ago. They have confirmed dates nationwide from 07-2014 thru 01-2016! And people are buying tickets for this... thing... site unseen (no obvious footage on the site).

Who knows more about this... thing... and are YOU going?

*ETA: corrected dates and spelling



  • Ophidion
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    Hmm being a big comics fan myself am unsure what to think about this, especially since Disney own Marvel now.

    For the moment will go with Marvel Universe Undead...

  • Ophidion
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    OK can't find anything more substantial than this clip on YouTube...

    Looks a bit like Marvel meets Cirque du Soleil.
  • Fiery_Vixen
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    Hmmm...MIGHT be interesting...could at least be something to take the kids to see but I would definitely need more info yet before I throw down my money