Long haul ahead

Hi, im a 57 yr old housewife. Looking for friends on here to chat with and share experiences. I want to lose weight for my daughter wedding in September. I also need to do it for myself. Ive had my Thyroid removed and have had 2 other forms of Cancer. I was lucky and am in pretty good health. My main problem Is bordom. I no longer work so keeping busy is hard for me. I live in Michigan and the weather here has been very cold, I hate going out so walking, even at the mall is out. I do have a bike which im up to riding 3 miles a day. Would love to talk to anyone to share. Thanks


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    My Mom has been living without her thyroid for almost 30y! Cancer has not returned, but replacing the hormones is not 100%. It's a tricky dance. We all have at least one.

    Although I am a fellow Michigander, read my profile and decide whether being MFP friends works for you.

    Here is a small idea that might address your boredom. I find going to the gym boring and an imposition. Even if I team up with friends, it just isn't enough to make it a regular part of my week. I much prefer chop wood and carry water everyday workouts. Hence, I love to garden and shovel snow! I did find one inside exercise I do at least 5 days a week. I rebound with hand weights.

    I purchased an inexpensive mini-trampoline and adapted several floor movements to the downward work that is rebounding. Since I use the weights not to counter movements--but to further challenge my center gravity I am getting a great center core workout. I also do basic freeweight strength routines while rebounding. I rebound while I watch a news show I have pre-recorded. The hour goes by quickly and I feel I have accomplished 2 things at once.

    Rebounding is not jumping to get air or height. Instead it is working into the ground and have the mini-tramp rebound you. I spent about $40 on my mini-tramp on an overstock website. I have picked up my hand weights from local sport shops with coupons. I started with two 3lbs wts and not use 6 and 8 lbs. I have one 15 lbs kettle ball too.
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    I just read your profile. I have a question, im using weights, just I guess what you would call curling. Do you tighten your hand ( squeeze the weight) on the up motion or down. Im only using 4 pounds, but you have to start somewhere. My problem is ive had so many health issues in the past 3 yrs. I no longer work and ive just gotton so lazy. Ive always been over weight, but have hit some high peeks in the last year. Thanks for answering if you have time. Leona