Safe to go under?

I'm attempting to lose a fairly significant amount of weight. I've spent the last few weeks altering my diet from processed foods to whole foods. Snacks went from chips to nuts (measured), pastas went from white bleached to homemade rye (I do love carbs...), drinking water instead of soda, etc.

I understand that in general, it is not considered a good idea to undershoot the goals provided by MFP due to risk of losing muscle, however, I am currently at about 40% based on the Army Body Fat calculator. I'm using that since I'm going to be enlisting, so regardless of the accuracy, it's what I have to go on. Since I do have such an over abundance of fat at the moment, would it impede me to undershoot MFP's goals by a couple hundred calories? I've also started a PT regimen with my husband, so there's extra cardio and weight training that I've also been logging. Just looking for suggestions from those with experience.


  • YorriaRaine
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    There are allot of things we don't know about you that effect the answer. Like what your net calorie goal is. However, keep in mind is it is generally not safe to have below 1200 net calories (calories in - burned calories). So just keep that in mind.

    Generally, especially if you have 2 pounds as your goal, you don't want want to go below the net calories it gives you. Very overweight people can sometimes get away with it though.
  • DamianaKitten
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    Hmm, it looks as though MFP has my goal at 1250. I hadn't actually looked, just at how many calories were left for the day. I've found that by increasing my fiber and protein, I'm not hungry like I was just a couple months ago. I guess I'll just leave it as is with MFP and shoot for what they've set my goals at.