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Side dish to go along with spanakopita or spinach pie?

funkyspunky871funkyspunky871 Posts: 1,691Member Member Posts: 1,691Member Member
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Okay, so I know most times spinach pie itself is served as the side dish or appetizer, but I'm going to make some as my lunch today. What side dish do you think would go well with it?


  • BellaCoconutBellaCoconut Posts: 87Member Posts: 87Member
    well, seeing as its a greek dish, why not make a light greek salad as a side dish? I use shredded iceberg lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, some green capsicum and red onion (chopped finely), a couple of kalamata olives and some cubes of low fat feta cheese, and cracked pepper. if you want a bit of extra tang, drizzle with balsamic or white vinegar.:smile:
  • CharityDCharityD Posts: 193Member Posts: 193Member
    Make some tzatziki and have some raw veggies with it. Yum!
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