food ideas help

I just moving into a college living apartment near my school. I'm wanting some help creating ideas for meals I can cook that are low cost and healthy.


  • Eli716
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    Still thinking... maybe smoothies, if you like them. It just really depends on what you "allow" yourself to have if you have any self-restrictions. I know recently I added a little extra protein to my breakfast with two turkey sausage links. :D
  • AJLovinLife
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    Without seeing your diet I am not sure what you like to eat but here are some suggestions:
    a quinoa pasta with sauce, tons of veggies, and a little lean meat.
    batches of a loaded chili (lots of veggies some beans and a little meat - it goes a long way and you can eat it by itself or top off a baked sweet potato/eggs with it. You can freeze extra.)
    eggs (egg white omelets/hard boiled eggs/mini quishes)
    salads with a protein added
    mini meatloafs (You can freeze extra.)
    stir fry's with brown rice
    soups make a ton (You can freeze extra.)
    maybe google freezable budget friendly healthy meals.
  • Jestinia
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    Beans, rice, eggs, and potatoes are relatively cheap, as well as anything you can throw in a crockpot, such as a chuck roast. Which also has the advantage of cooking all day while you're in class.
  • MissLakeTime
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    Buy a small crockpot!

    You can put frozen chicken tenderloins in it on low for 4 hours or more depending on size- spice it up with whatever spices you like. Come home and shred it or eat it like it is.

    Taco Chicken - put taco seasoning on it just enough to lightly cover the chicken while cooking
    Buffalo Chicken - I usually take it out and shred it before putting buffalo sauce on it.
    Ranch Chicken - use a ranch packet and just use enough to lightly cover the chicken while it's cooking.
    BBQ Chicken-

    These chicken variations then can be used in wraps, on top of a bed of lettuce, make nachos (using baked Tostitos), Quesadillas, etc. Plenty of different ideas.

    Use small crockpot for other recipes such as soups, chili, etc.