Others with MIGRAINES--help!

So lately my migraines have been horrific, every day, nauseating, keeping me from doing what I need to do, etc.

This has all been worse within the past 2 or 3 weeks. Before that, my migraines were under control and I hardly ever got them anymore. Sometimes the change in weather has an effect (MI weather is very unpredictable day to day) so I am not sure if that has been adding to it.

I notice they are the worst when I first wake up. This morning for example, I had to take some medicine and lay back down in the pitch dark for a good hour before I could even consider getting up and moving around without being sick.

Has anyone noticed patterns with their migraines or have any ideas/tips that would be helpful?! I feel like my neck is sensitive and that is what is causing it i.e. having a bad pillow. But I have memory foam pillows and I don't know what kind of pillow could be any better.

Any help/advice is appreciated :) Obviously if I cannot find a remedy I will have to visit my neurologist again but I am away at school for now and could use a quicker solution. Thanks!


  • kotersmom
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    I could have written that! Mine are worse in the mornings...I wake up many mornings and have to call in work and tell them I will be late. I take my meds and sleep a while longer and it usually works. The changes in weather do affect them it seems like. I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work. Been to numerous doctors with no help. Mine start in my neck. I have the nausea, sensitivity to light and sound...the only thing I can do is lie down and hope it goes away if my meds don't work. Shots don't help, pain meds don't help. I have just recently been to a chiropractor that seems to be helping. It's been 10 days since I have had a migraine. May be just a coincidence, but time will tell if it's the adjustments that are actually helping. 10 days is a big deal for me when I generally have them at least 3 times a week!
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    Hey, I'm also in MI so I totally get the weather issue. I take a supplement called Migrelief. It was actually recommended by my neurologist. It takes a couple months to build up in your system but it has cut the amount and severity of my migraines in half. Before I was having to ration my Maxalt each month but now I can go almost 2 months before filling my next Rx.
  • Val_from_OH
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    I definitely get them with weather changes, and also TOM. Last year, I had a migraine that literally lasted for a month before I decided to go to the doctor. She gave me a steroid pack which broke the cycle, and gave me a script for Imitrex. Now I take the Imitrex at the first sign of the migraine (usually extreme fatigue/irritability for me), and it usually keeps the duration to less than a day. It is safe to take with other pain meds, so I take it along with Excedrin.
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    Mine hit once every month or so and last for THREE DAYS. Ugh. Three solid days of sitting in a dark room drinking coffee, eating mint candies, and slugging water like crazy, with some asprin every 4-6 hours. I keep meaning to see a doctor about them, but they run in my family and I've only just started getting them in the last six months.
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    My doctor had me on a daily medication to prevent them I forget the name of it. Then I took imitrix via a statinject pen (needle) when I got them.
    They told me to avoid high potassium foods, foods with nitrates (processed meats) and a bunch of other stuff I didn't really eat anyway.
    My lactose intolerance eventually got so bad I cut out ALL dairy. No milk at all from animals, not real butter, no cheese, no cream nothing. And poof they're gone.
    I used to migraines like 2 times a week so bad I black outs and threw up for HOURS from them. Now I get one mild one like every few months.
  • uconnwinsnc
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    For the past 4 years, I've gotten REAL migranes twice a year on one day between August/September. Never any other time. Strange? I think so. I get the kind where your vision pretty much goes away for 20 minutes followed by the rest of the day of brutal head pounding. I attribute it to allergies I guess.
  • SashleyA
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    I was getting them while on my period for a while, until my doctor switched up my birth control prescription to something with a different hormone balance. It cleared them up so I only get one occasionally now, not every single day of my period. I'm also more prone to them when I eat too much sugar and not enough other stuff.
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    Mine are also hormonal, but it might help to run a humidfyer in your bedroom at night. The extra dryness brought on by this cold weather and running the heat higher at home can cause headachces for a lot of people.

    If they continue to get worse...see your doctor for sure though!
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    My neurologist told me that melatonin helps with migraines. I don't sleep well, even when I've taken melatonin, so it actually works against me, since my migraines are almost always sleep-related, but if you generally don't have trouble sleeping, it might work for you. I don't know if you have to register to see this or not. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/804116 If I catch them early enough, I can get rid of them with Excedrin, otherwise I have to take Relpax. I'll go back to bed for about 20 minutes and it's usually gone. If I'm at work, I turn off the lights over my desk and use the light under my desk ledge, and that helps.
  • I know a couple of people who have gone gluten free and have not had a migraine since and they used to have to be hospitalized! A good resource is "Wheat Belly" which guides you through changing to gluten free eating and explains why.
  • misfit34
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    I too suffer from Migraines. I find that when I feel one coming on (the blurred vision, flash of light over eye) I take a dose of benadryl and then take some pain relief. This was something that my doctor told me I could when I was pregnant since I couldn't take the prescription meds that I was taking for prevention (topamax). She said that it would lessen the symptoms and also aid in the nausea. It has helped me, I find that I am not throwing up when I have my migraines like I did in they past.
  • drangonfly2323
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    I have just finished up a 3 day migraine. Mine have actually gotten better since losing some weight but still come once in a while and this was was pretty bad. However mine are normally worse as the day goes on. I find that sometimes a bag of ice on the back of my neck will sometimes help with the pain. I really wish I could give better advice because I know how absolutely terrible they can be. I hope you find something that helps you.
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    Mine hit once every month or so and last for THREE DAYS. Ugh. Three solid days of sitting in a dark room drinking coffee, eating mint candies, and slugging water like crazy, with some asprin every 4-6 hours. I keep meaning to see a doctor about them, but they run in my family and I've only just started getting them in the last six months.

    Until I tried Excedrin (and then finally saw a neurologist), that was me! Three freakin' days, and I'd get an average of 6 episodes a month. My insurance would only pay for 6 doses of Relpax a month. :huh: Once I got into better eating habits and started exercising regularly, I hardly got them at all. Now they're mostly from forcing myself to stay awake when I'm sleepy, and the occasional weather-related one.
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    The best thing you can do is go to the doctor.

    I got headaches in HS and they progressively got worse. It wasn't until my second year of college that I ended up going to the doctor because of them. I started missing both class and work and that wasn't acceptable to me. I started to log all of my migraines. Start time, end time, pain level, what I had eaten recently to look for a food trigger, whether or not it was TOM, anything I did to try to relieve it (meds, caffeine, etc.). I went armed with all of this information to my PCP and they prescribed Midrin (which is no longer available) for normal headaches and imitrex for migraines. The Midrin worked for me for migraines and it's cheaper so I didn't continue with the imitrex. My Midrin prescription finally ran out recently and they put me on Fioricet and it works just as well as the Midrin did.

    It was eventually determined that they were "stress migraines" which I think is crap because I don't have a stressful life. My longest migraine was 7 days.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I get weather related migraines, and they are always the worst in the fall - spring can be bad too, but fall is always the worst. Mine can get bad, but they are also very controllable. For me, if I pop some Tylenol as soon as I have even the slightest headache, I can at least keep the pain at bay. I can tell when it's a real migraine, however, because I'll still have the other symptoms - light sensitivity, nausea, etc...but at least I can function with those things.

    I loosely follow a paleo-type diet....any meals/snacks that I make/pack are based on that general diet, but I'm not so strict about it that I will never eat out, either. My bad migraines became far more infrequent after moving to California - in Wisconsin I can remember crying myself to sleep and having to skip class because it was torture to be anywhere other than curled under the covers in a ball. I only get a semi-bad one a few times a year now, and if I follow my regime, I can usually keep functioning with it.

    I also try to eat as much organic/grass fed food as possible, my mother noticed that she had more issues when she was eating more store bought meats and veggies.
  • eat_run_play
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    one thing that triggered mine was artificial sweeteners. splenda (sucaralose), aspartame, saccharine, sugar alcohols (maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol)... if you changed your diet and are eating "diet" or "sugar free" this could be the case. it was for me. maybe for you. maybe not.
  • rml_16
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    Have you seen a neurologist? That would be my first step. If you don't have any of the "special" drugs, you might want to get some. Maxalt works wonders when I get one I can't shake, though most of mine go away with an Exedrin/Aleve combo.

    Yoga helps, too. I've gone into a yoga class with a splitting head and within two minutes felt 100% better.

    As far as having them under control, regular exercise and a healthier diet have worked wonders.

    Do you have food triggers? Have you noticed you're eating something specific before they come on? And if it's in the morning, what about sinuses?
  • rml_16
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    I'm not being funny - google 'Botox' as a cure for migraine - apparently it really works!
    They will only do that for people who can't be treated any other way. And she would need to see a neurologist for it, not a plastic surgeon.

    So, as I said, first step -- neurologist.
  • LFDBabs
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    I noticed a HUGE decrease in my migraine headaches when I gave up ALL artificial sweeteners. I still get the occasional one here and there, but no where near what I was experiencing. I'm sure there are different triggers for everyone though.
  • RaeLB
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    Do you sleep on your back? Too much pressure on the back of neck/base of the head can cause migraines.