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Photo Moderation Process

AlexAlex Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 10,153 MFP Staff Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 10,153 MFP Staff
Dear Folks,

Many of you raised concerns and questions this week about our photo moderation process. I wanted to thank everyone who expressed their concerns and shared their feedback. We have given the process significant consideration and based on your feedback are making a change, effective immediately to how we handle abuse reports on photos.

What you need to know about photo moderation:
1. We do not review photos as they are uploaded to the site; we only review photos when they have been reported to us by another member.
2. When a photo is reported we had previously been reviewing all of the photos in a person’s account, regardless of the relationship between the reporter and the reported. Going forward, before we moderate against images other than the profile image, we will first check to see whether or not those photos are visible to all of MFP or if the images have been restricted to friend’s only. Images restricted to friend’s only will only be reportable by your friends. This means if someone can only see your profile image, they can’t report the rest of your photos based on a hunch.
3. What has not changed is our expectation that every image on the site meet our photo guidelines:
4. Keep it Classy (we mean your images)

• I will share my success photos and progress photos.
• I will keep it classy by wearing tight-fitting spandex instead of my undies to show my progress.
• I will post authentic photos that I have permission to use.
• I will be mindful that this is a workplace friendly site. If you wouldn’t share the image with your boss or your child, please don’t post it here.

• I won’t post hateful, violent or graphic imagery.
• I won’t post nudity, pornography, or NSFW images.
• I won’t post images containing profanity.
• I won’t post political images.
• I won’t post photos containing excessive cleavage (if you would wear it to work, it’s probably OK).
• I won’t post close-up shots of cleavage, butt, breasts or crotch in any state of dress.
• I won’t post photos in which hands or objects are the only bodily covering,
• I won’t post photos in my undies (underwear, bras, lingerie, thongs, g-strings, or banana hammocks).

If you are photographing yourself to demonstrate successful weight loss, tight fitting spandex is a great way to show the change in your shape, while still abiding by these guidelines. Photos altered to present inaccurate weight-loss results are prohibited. Please keep the experience at MyFitnessPal encouraging by keeping your "success" photos authentic.

Again thanks to everyone who raised concerns and asked questions about our photo moderation process; we deeply appreciate the input and hope the changes we are putting in place will prevent the issues that concerned members this week from happening in the future.

If you have questions or concerns about our photo moderation process, please send me a message. I welcome your feedback!

MyFitnessPal Community Manager
edited August 2019
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