Fall shopping!

aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
I did my first mini bit of Fall shopping this weekend. Bf & I had an hour or so to kill before we got hungry (were right by the restaurant and didn't want to go home and come back) so we went into Old Navy. Everything was on sale but I always hit the clearance racks. I found a long sleeve shirt (a medium - woo hoo!) that rang up $3 and I tried on a pair of size 10 jeans (I didn't think they'd fit but I got 'em up, buttoned, AND zipped and they looked HOT! though with a little bit of muffin top and suffocation) that I bought for $4! I spent a little over $7 after taxes but I'm excited to have my first Fall outfit! I've been dying for long sleeves and I just realized my one pair of jeans that still fit have severe worn down fabric at the inner thighs. After wearing twice, the waist is way too big and I hate belts so I figured it was time for a 10. I didn't even think my thighs would fit but baby, THEY DID!!

I'm really excited and I hope by the end of this month, I can wear them. :bigsmile:


  • MsElphaba
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    Awesome! I got into a pair of 10s at the Loft outlet... skinny 10s no less... a few weeks ago. Great feeling isn't it?
  • Sparksfly
    Sparksfly Posts: 470 Member
    Hooray! Single digits are so close! Keep it up!
  • a1schwei
    a1schwei Posts: 617 Member
    congrats on the sizes and the BARGAINS :):):)
  • Sumatra
    Sumatra Posts: 181
    Congratulations! Fitting into smaller clothes, isn't that the best feeling! When you can see the pay off of all that hard work! I love it!!! Like you, I've been anxiously awaiting cooler weather so I can get into those long sleeves and sweaters...I LOVE fall! I did buy one pair of pants recently, but I'm really trying to wait as long as possible to buy more clothes, I want to be closer to my goal...BUT, if I could find jeans and a shirt for $7, how could I not go ahead and buy that?!?!?!?! I may have to take a trip to the mall!

    Congrats again and keep up the good work!!!
    CFAITH_WARD Posts: 281 Member
    yep...love it.....I have been wearing 10s for about a month......I am so excited because when I started this crazy ride my dream of dream was to wear an 8...well I am so close and I am thinking 6s aren't that far off.......I love to shop now and go to the dressing room to try stuff on.......Last year I couldn't find a coat to fit me and now I wear a 10...I love this.
  • Yay for new clothes, sizes, and of course sales!!!

    I got my first thing for fall too! At Old Navy!! Did you see the Pea Coats? On sale for $20 as the item of the week, normally 38.50. I tried it on, and loved it! Fit in all the right places for me. I got dark gray, but I think I am going back in the next day or two to get the purple!

    But that is it, now I need to keep on moving on this weight loss train, and go shopping in my own closet!! :)
  • aippolito1
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    Sabrina - I DIDN'T SEE THE PEA COATS!!! Mannn. I didn't have more than about $10 anyway so I couldn't have gotten it but I'm going to need a new coat/jacket this year. I have a cute thigh-length button up plaid jacket that will be good for when it first gets chilly but it doesn't keep you warm, it's mostly for style. I mainly just wore a hoodie last winter and it's way too big!

    I'm super excited to fit into a 10 because I haven't fit in one since I was 15. Last year I could get my 10s on and button them BARELY but they didn't fit like these did this weekend. I didn't think I'd actually ever make it back into a 10 since I was so young when I fit into them. And Old Navy's 10s are true tens! I started off in a very tight 14 (could have fit a 16 if I'd tried them on, I'm sure) so this is a big deal for me! I've been wearing 14s and recently have bought some 12s. Grabbing the ten was more of a "what the hell?" kind of thing. So glad they fit!!!
  • I did some shopping too, I used to be 6, but now, ugh! every time i tried on a 6 (or 7, or 8, and sometimes 9) I get depressed!! and the stupid mirrors from the fitting rooms, they make you look like twice as big!! i hate them...but anyways, I did get some good deals on long sleeves and a couple of sweaters, and hope to fit in a 6 again by December (-:
  • Lisamarie1226
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    Hey! We went to a couple of Old Navys over the weekend too! I only bought from the clearance rack as well. Bought some cute lightweight sweaters and some rugby type shirts. I also got a lightweight hooded longsleeve shirt for less than $1... Crazy sale prices!

    Awesome about the size 10s!!! YAY Arielle :-)
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