Hello! After a bit of advice, I'll be asking my doctor too as soon as I can get an appointment.

I've had crepitus in both knees for as long as I can remember now but it seems to be getting worse. I try and run 3 miles about 3 times per week and I've got 2 huskies attached to me (added strain lol). We'll run through woodland, across grass and along some pavements, although I do try and keep off the tarmac as much as possible. I run in 60/40 trail/track shoes that I got from a good running shop, a proper running belt and bungee leads.

Should I be taking some joint supplements? Would a knee brace help? I'm hoping I don't have to stop as, surprisingly, I really enjoy it and my pups love running!! But I have started to notice a slight pain right behind my knee caps.

Laura :-))


  • trail_rnr
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    Start with massage and work on patellar mobility. You can spend $ on joint supplements but there is no clinical evidence that they actually do much for humans (US NIH studies have shown the same effect form placebo, but there is lots of evidence that they do work for horses!). Just google "patella mobilization" (or mobilisation).

    If you have a patellar tracking problem, then a patellar strap (or even a standard sleeve brace) could help, but see your doc about that. He/she can help you figure out what is going on and show you some mobility exercises.

    Crepitus is pretty common and not necessarily the cause of your problem. Good luck in getting it worked out!