Beating a dead horse? Chat / [not really] dating Q

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Hello fellow MFPers!

I'm going to try to keep the back story on the light side;

Online encounter with a girl - we move to texting, which always results in lively conversation and what seems like a lot of potential.

We meet up in person - meeting up seems to go well, but I'm the only one really initiating/carrying conversation much thereafter. A few days later I share my insight and my view ("she isn't interested") with a friend, who tells me I give up too easily.

I continue to initiate conversation for a few days further, which still results in some conversation, but that which seems absolutely un-tinged with interest, and very brief-lived.

Would you say I'm wrong in thinking that continuing further with this, I would be beating a dead horse (perhaps even starting to open up a glue factory)?


  • randomtai
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    She's not interested and not woman enough to tell you to your face. Sorry :flowerforyou:
  • QuietBloom
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    She's not interested and not woman enough to tell you to your face. Sorry :flowerforyou:

    ^This. Sorry OP. :ohwell:
  • DMZ_1
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    She's not interested.
  • DownsizingAaron
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    Agree with the others, she's just not that in to you. If more people would just speak frankly the world would be a better place.
  • SexKittenlovesitrough
    look. She doesn't seem that interested in you.

    I can see what your friend is saying in that you give up too easily, but frankly, you don't give up easily on the girls that you just have to connect with. You know the one you walk away from thinking "I really really need to know this girl" THEN you fight for it.

    Frankly from your description, you had a nice time, but it wasn't WOW...THAT girl.....damn......

    so why try so hard on something that she's not that into, and neither are you?

    you know?
  • GinNJuice75
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    Sadly she doesnt sound very interested in you. Doesnt seem many are up front on how they feel cause they will hurt the other person. Which is silly since *blowing* them off is hurtful too. I am sure theres more out there that would be happy to talk to you and thats what you deserve. So keep on keeping on and go for the gold!
  • salembambi
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    yea shes not interested in you

    moovee on
  • Mlkmaid
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    Call me crazy, but maybe you should just ask her what she thinks and tell her you don't want to waste your time if she's not interested. There are nice ways of saying it. Just tell her you're getting mixed messages.
  • wild_wild_life
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    Never hurts to ask. Maybe she thought you were so awesome she is intimidated. Maybe she has something else going on. No reason to assume anything when you can just ask.
  • Mainebikerchick
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    She's not into you and doesn't have the courage to be honest with you about it.

    Move on and find someone who IS.
  • tiptoethruthetulips
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    I agree she doesn't sound like she is interested, but was the after first meet conversations via text or phoning?

    For me, I don't mind an initial follow up via text...'great to meet you, had a great time' whatever, but the next follow up should be via phone...'I have some tickets for x band or game x, I've been wanting to go to restaurant x. Are you free and would you like to come?" Leave a message if no answer. If you do not get a response to either of these you know she isn't interested.

    I get frustrated very quickly by texting and it isn't the best way to develop relationships.
  • Shananigans_
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  • Mighty_Rabite
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    Thanks for the input, folks - the apparent lack of interest kind of sucks, but at the same time, it's good to see that I can almost assuredly trust my instincts as far as these things go!

    In all honesty, as far as what I'm looking for, she's probably met the largest amount of qualities I'm looking for out of anyone I've met yet, but a great match is nothing without a spark.

    I may still ask her what she thinks, how she feels or whatnot. Hell, even if there is just a friendship to be had, I'm not against salvaging that, as I am of the mentality that guys and girls can be friends, before or beyond interest. However, there are lots of awesome women in the world, and there isn't a lot of sense in getting down over just one of them.