94lbs to go!

Hi everyone. My name's Larissa. :)

I'm 20 years old and I'm currently a psychology undergrad, in my second year at Uni in North West England. I thought I'd share my story, to get support and encouragement to continue with my weight loss plan!

I'm one of those who has struggled with my weight since I was a child. I'm not sure how I started, but I resorted to pulling on my roller skates to reach the biscuit tin while my mum wasn't there! I also used to steal sweets and chocolate bars from the shop, which I feel guilty as anything about now.

Anyway, I've changed my ways, did so very early on in high school, but it wasn't until November I decided the weight needed to come off!

My house mate at Uni bought a pair of bathroom scales in November 2013. She was planning to lose a few pounds. One morning, before my shower, I decided to step on these scales, and was revolved by the number that appeared before me. As a student, you can imagine the amount of junk and fast food I was eating, but that still didn't prepare me for the horror of that number.


Bearing in mind I had weighed myself at the beginning of last year and had been 28lb lighter. I was horrified at having gained 2 stone without even realising it!

There was a themed 'Skoolies' club night a few days later. I went shopping to find a new shirt to wear and found that Primark's biggest shirt wouldn't fit me. I cried. I was disgusted that I had let my weight get that bad.

I've also broken a friend's floor by jumping up and down at a party. So embarrassing.

So, in November, I decided I had to do something about my weight. I started dieting (calorie counting just worked for me) and changing my choices of food, along with exercising as much as possible.

My current weight it 245lb. My goal weight is around 150lb (I am 5ft 8).

Obviously Christmas kept me fluctuating around 245lb (I went home, mum fed me up!), and January exams meant I was stressed to the max, so ate that little bit more crud. But now I'm back on the band wagon and ready to lose it!

Ideally, I want to lose the whole 94lb by Christmas this year, but I know that's unrealistic. I'm setting myself goals of around 2lbs a week. I hope to have lost at least 3/4 of this weight by Christmas 2014.

Good luck to everyone else on here as well! I have been reading all your posts, and taking a few tips, I've just stayed silent. And... I guess that's it really. Thanks for having me. :)

P.s. I've written this whole thing on my phone, so I'm sorry if there's any errors.