Fitbit or Endomondo for outside walks/runs?

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I have a Fitbit which I wear religiously, but I also have some routes for walking (and running when I get some more weight off) I set up through Endomondo. The treadmill gets old so I like the outside.

Which would be better to use to track that walk/run? I don't have a heart rate monitor yet, but I'm considering the Zepher HxM to go with my Android Moto X.



  • editorgrrl
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    Link your MFP, Fitbit & Endomondo accounts (via the "Apps" tab at the top of this page). Give it a couple of weeks, then reevaluate.

    Anecdata: I wasn't losing much weight at all until I got a Fitbit & linked my accounts. I found out I get 8,000 steps most days, so I switched my MFP activity level from sedentary (I have a desk job) to lightly active, and I started losing.

    It will take trial & error to find what works for you.
  • GillianMcK
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    I use MapMy Run for outside walking/running, used to use Endomondo but it was really glitchy when I last used it and kept pausing the workout even though I was still moving.
  • lecounth
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    I wore my heart monitor and used Endomondo the other day to see how accurate Endomondo was. It was much more accurate in my calories burned than the treadmill has been. There was only about a 30 calorie difference where the treadmill/Endomondo combination can have a difference of over 100 calories.

    If you are looking for a reasonably priced heart rate monitor, I bought this Timex and have been very happy with it. May not have all of the bells and whistles of the fancy monitors but I can program in my weight, it tells me how long I've been in "the zone", how long I've worked out, my average heart rate and how many calories burned.