Husband-Approved Recipes

I'm on the search for, yes, you guessed it, husband-approved recipes. My husband, who is 6'1" and weighs a whopping 142 pounds, is a bottomless pit and quite the picky eater. So, in attempt to lose weight, it is difficult finding recipes that will not only be good for me, but that he will enjoy, too. Please share! :)


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    I'm in the same boat.

    One of my go to's is putting chicken breasts in the crockpot with a jar of your favorite salsa and letting it all cook together. You can put it on a tortilla or serve over lettuce. He likes doing cheese and sour cream on his.

    Another is doing breakfast burritos...scramble up some turkey sausage then scramble eggs with a can of Rotel. Sooo good with a whole wheat tortilla.

    We also like sauteeing up some chicken tenderloins in these asian seasoning packets...kung pao is really good, when the chicken is about 3 mins from being done I toss in a bag of brocoli slaw and serve over white rice.
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    I'm not sure if you are following any type of diet (low carb, etc.) and you didn't say what foods he would not like.

    My husband is picky and not a vegetable eater really. My kids are also picky.

    I am trying to eat more low carb.

    My thoughts:
    Steak/ Chicken Breast - Last night I topped a grilled chicken breast with a provolone cheese slice and a pineapple slice and then I had a just for one broccoli with cheese with that. I grilled my husband a steak at the same time and then I whipped him up the packaged mashed potatoes because I didn't have a baked potato.

    There are many ways to use chicken if he will eat it: I do a lot with my crockpot during the day. I put frozen chicken breast tenderloins in my crockpot in the morning with whatever spices I want. Then I can later buffalo them, bbq them or if I want them to be for Mexican dishes (taco salad, quesadillas, shredded chicken tacos) I spice them up with taco seasoning when I put them in the crock pot. When I buffalo them I put them usually in a wrap or on top of a salad (my husband loves buffalo chicken wraps).

    You can get hoagie type rolls and shred chicken and put it on the hoagie roll with a cheese slice and broil it in your oven until the cheese is melted for like a philly cheese steak or you could use leftover steak for him. Sometimes I even take ham/cheese/pepperoni for my husband and broil it until it's warm & cheese melted and then put Italian dressing or ranch dressing on it for an Italian type sub.

    Steak/Chicken - Fajitas
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    My husband isn't exactly picky, but he has a very hard time explaining what he does and doesn't like.

    -If I steam veggies, I always throw cheese on top for him.

    -As long as I am having a good week, I bake brownies: he eats them 2-3 at a time, I get a half.

    -He fills up on milk and cereal in the evenings (he cooks himself the same hot breakfast every morning)

    -He eats fruit like it is going out of style. I have seen him eat a banana, an apple and an orange in one sitting.

    If you want actual recipes, can you be more specific as to what he is picky about?
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    Try the Skinny Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Casserole from Iowa Girl Eats. It is super filling and my husband did not even notice when I switched from my old recipe to this one.
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    My fiancee does not like fruits and veggies much so I will make chicken pot pie and only put veggie in half of it for me and the bake it, or you could do smaller ones in a mini pies pan. If you cook pork loin in water and apple cider vinegar on low all day in the crock pot with some onions it is pretty yummy, I like to dump a bunch of kale in there about 30 mins before I want to eat and the kale cooks down and tastes good as well. Then he can just eat the meat and pick out the veggies if he wants. Mostly though I make a meat main dish and then make a veggie side dish for me that I can fill up alot on.
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    Try the Skinny Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Casserole from Iowa Girl Eats. It is super filling and my husband did not even notice when I switched from my old recipe to this one.

    Her husband is pretty close, if not, underweight and you're suggesting this?

    OP, saute or roast the veggies he does like with olive oil, coconut oil, etc.
    And you can have a smaller portion of it.

    Just give him a double/triple/etc portion of whatever you're having
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    Substitute turkey for various pork/beef dishes that's what I do and it works well. I also started using a dutch oven and he just loves it. I just came across a website that has good recipes that seem pretty cool. I'm blessed enough that my hubby will come and cook with me, he see's what's going in and is the official taster in the house. :smile:
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    There is a blogger Anyonitas Nibbles who does a linky party called Get Him Fed. Everyone posts man approved recipes. Here is a link. Some are healthier than others.
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    This is a little bit of work but I've made Shepperd's pie for my husband quite a few times and each time he gobbles it up. He sounds like your man; 6'3" and about 195-200lbs. He's trying to put on weight but he LOVES this recipe. I love Alton Brown's recipe.
    You can always switch out regular potatoes for sweet if you're looking to make it more healthy or switch out the beef for turkey.
  • devil_in_a_blue_dress
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    First of all, does your husband care to gain weight? If so, how does HE want to go about doing it?

    WTF are "man approved recipes" or "husband-approved recipes"?
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    Good luck. I do the cooking so the wife does not have to worry since i am the dieter.

    I use turkey instead of beef. I make most stuff from scratch and do not use food from a box and that really cuts calories down.

    Give him a bigger plate and let him have bigger portions.
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    In my household, it was just a matter of me tweaking a few ingredients to make them lighter for me but still filling enough so he could be satisfied. Plus I take a smaller portion and he can always go back for 2nds if what I serve him isn't enough. And/or he can have a snack after.
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    I always just fix the basics
    Roast beef
    roast chicken
    veggies on hand
    rice medley, potato, breads
    fresh fruit
    yummy treats such as ice cream
    homemade cookies
    crackers/snacks from Trader Joe's

    Have you ever considered simple hors deovres such as cheese on crackers, olives, red wine....that sort of thing?
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    My fb is 6ft something and currently 336 lbs and "dieting" with me. He has a factory job that causes him to be on his feet going all day long. Because of this he needs a high calorie, high protein, and if i can manage it high fat dinner. So I just make anything and everything for dinner - I don't care for my self if it's high calorie because I work my day around it so he can get his calories in and I can have a fantastic dinner that almost makes me feel like I'm cheating.

    Since you didn't really say what your hubby does like and what he doesn't like all I can say is Pinterest. We are constantly trying new recipes from there and from my food magazines.
  • WTF are "man approved recipes" or "husband-approved recipes"?

    LOL I was thinking the same thing.
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    Oh this is my territory :-) Try this recipe.

    This blogger makes comfort food healthy (and they are all really easy too). I try recipes from tons of healthy blogs all the time and most I would never make again. Literally everything I've made from this blogger has been delicious and satisfying. Your man will love this Sloppy Joe Casserole and I promise you don't even need to tell him it's healthy. He won't know. Especially if you use a food processor on those just looks and tastes meaty and delicous.

    Here's a few of my other favorites that should please the manliest man :-)

    Hope you find some things you both like!
  • My husband is a very picky eater. We never eat the same thing for dinner. We have meals together, but he likes very bland food. I like spicy food. I enjoy cooking something separate for him. I can not eat the bland food he likes. Life is too short to eat a steak and bake potato every day. Variety is the spice of life.
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    I still make my usual recipes. I just portion them out, eating the rest of the day so that my portion fits my calorie allotment for dinner that day (and usually lunch the next day or two, depending on how big the recipe is...most of mine make 4-6 servings). Hubby gets whatever's left over (usually 2-3 servings). :happy:

    If I make something new, I always make sure to have something on hand that he can make for himself, in case he doesn't like it or is still hungry. He's not an invalid that needs to be waited on. :wink:
  • Sorry, I didn't even realize to put what type of foods he likes. He's a meat and potatoes type of guy. He loves red meat; meatloaf, steak, hamburgers, etc. He doesn't care for anything turkey -- ground turkey, in particular. Not a big vegetable eater, either.
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    I can understand feeding your family and wanting to have a meal that everyone can enjoy.

    So I do try to make things that everyone can not complain about…

    However, I work full time and my rule is that if I have to make dinner and do the dishes, you better eat whatever the heck I'm cooking and don't you dare go looking in the cupboard for me to make you something special. :wink:

    My fiancé may think I'm a jerk, but then again he has admitted that being healthy is better than eating crap that makes him happy.

    Just because you're 142 lbs doesn't mean you can go about eating potato chips and big macs. He should see what you're eating and either eat it or do his own shopping.