Starting Again . . . with No Shame

Hey all! I'm Jen, and I'm starting again with no shame! I had a great run on MFP in the past, but over the last nine months, I haven't done the work, and so the pounds and the inches have increased. It's a sucky place to be, as I remember how healthy and strong I was a year ago. But I'm here today! And I'm doing the work! And I'm going to keep starting over again and again and again! I definitely don't have all the answers, and I SO appreciate the support that I've found here in the past on MFP. So if you are starting over just like me, or if you want a new friend who is going to be active on here -- then add me!


  • Welcome back! Feel free to add me!
  • daniellelong6482
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    I too am starting again, as a few years ago lost 60 lbs, and with a back injury ( and complete laziness) have put it back on plus 30. Feel free to add me, as today is DAY 1 of my new life!!!!
    Good luck to you!!!!
  • I'm starting again too! About 10 years ago I lost 60 lbs. I'm now at my highest weight ever and I've had enough. I'm struggling to go forward from today and to not dwell on the past (it's so easy to get bummed out about where I used to be versus where I am now), but I'm determined to make this happen. Add me as a friend!
  • I also did a really good job (once upon a time) and was pleased with myself, energetic and happier. Now I have low energy, minimal motivation and HATE seeing pictures of myself. I need to get over it and move forward. I posted a little over an hour ago ("I can't do this by myself anymore") that I could sure use some friends for motivating me. Since you have used MFP before ( I used the app all by my lonesome), maybe we can support eachother:smile:

    How do you put one of those timeline thingies in your signature BTW?
  • toniistracking
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    My first day back - need motivation. Hoping we can support each other!:smile:
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    I think it's called a ticker (but not sure). When you are in the message boards, there is a link to "settings" (Not at the way top but under the message boards title). In those settings there is a box to check to show your ticker -- I think that's what you are asking about. If not message me, and I can try again!:)
  • Welcome back! I too am starting over (again...), would love to have some additional support! Thanks goodness for new days and new beginnings! Feel free to add me... we got this!