So yesterday was my first strength training day...

_MG_ Posts: 453 Member forever and boy am I paying for it today. I'm using Jefit and the Beginner Machine Workout.

Holy carp am I sore! I've decided to go two days between workouts so as to give more recovery time. I guess this is what I get for being fat and lazy for years.

How do others deal with the soreness? I refuse to let it beat me - I really need to improve strength and tone but whoa I'm sore.


  • maybeazure
    maybeazure Posts: 301 Member
    It gets better. It won't always hurt like it does the first day. Muscles adapt.
  • fozzie500
    fozzie500 Posts: 177 Member
    yep, it's never as bad as when you come back after a long lay off, you've done the hard part starting over again,crack on now.
  • FrnkLft
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    Yea soreness is not an indication of work done. It just means you're not used to the movement. Some movements cause soreness more consistently than others, but as you get on you'll see that it will diminish or go away altogether.

    Cudos on giving yourself rest though. Most beginners just go hard and aren't concerned with recovery. Well done, though FYI all you really need is 1 day. Of course, if you feel like you need another, no shame whatsoever in that.

    I used to train 5 days a week, and had to tone it down to 4 because the lack of rest was beating me down.