What is "Clean Eating"?

I see that question come up a lot in the forums and it often leads to big arguments and silly gifs about washing your food before you eat it. Anyway, here's a great explanation:


ps. "clean eating" isn't worth it if you start to become obsessive or stressed about it. That's counter-productive to your health.


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    In... This is a good article, but I know it's going to get crazy in here... lol
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    It seems to mean different things to different people but I think most people mean whole, naturally-raised food (i.e., raised without a lot of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) without additives (including sugar and other "flavor enhancers"). Some would go a step further and say that it must be organic to be considered "clean".

    Often, "clean" has come to mean without dangerous chemicals. Interestingly, I got an email today from Method natural cleaners (I love the brand and I get their newsletters to get coupons). They speak of "dirty chemicals" that other manufacturers use that they will never use in their products--which clean in a "clean" way.
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