throat soar, sick

So, I listened to my friends advice and took last night off from working out. My body was really achy and I felt relaxed and re-energized getting the day to rest.

Today my whole throat is swollen up. I'm not sure if I should attempt to do a 30 minute walk video.. as I don't want my sickness to get worse. I also have to talk on the phone all day... so I really need my throat to heal.

Should I push forward with the video.. or will it make me worse?? I'm still sticking to calories.

Thanks in advance.


  • butterrum13
    butterrum13 Posts: 77 Member
    I wouldn't do it. I pushed myself last week when I was starting to feel unwell and shouldn't have. I spent two days mostly in bed and still have a really nasty cough. I can barely walk up stairs right now without setting off a coughing fit, let alone go back to my exercize!
  • danaberge
    danaberge Posts: 117 Member
    Thanks butterrum,

    I'm going to the DR. next week on my day off.. so I may try to do some basic walking in place.... and see how it affects me.

    My body is fighting this weight loss... but i'm not giving up.

    This time i'm going all the way. My goal.. is for 2015 I will be at least 80lbs thinner. It's a steep goal... but not unreasonable for 2lb a week loss. I'm motivated and never giving up!!
  • Francl27
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    I hate sore throats! I'd do the video though.. it's not really high intensity. I personally only take a rest day when I'm feeling run down or when the cold reaches my lungs (history of asthma).
  • leannraya
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    Rest! Be careful, I had the same symptoms and winded up testing positive for the flu. If you feel more achy and your body is sore or a fever, I would get to a doctor or walk in clinic ASAP
  • Dan_Druff
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    I would absolutely continue with the workout. It can only make you feel better. "Below the waist, take a rest, above the waist suck it up" or something like that.
  • danaberge
    danaberge Posts: 117 Member
    I saw someone say above the neck.. okay..
    Yet, it's my neck that's hurting. Wasn't sure if neck was included. HAHA.
    It's so swollen.. a little painful. I'm going to do the workout and see how I feel about it later.
    If I have a problem breathing.. I can always quit. Since I did not have a problem breathing any of the other times I did it. It's low/medium intensity.. but gets the job done!
    I'm super psyched that the last two weeks I earned myself a 6.6 weight loss!! I know this speed probably won't last, so i'm enjoying it while it lasts.
    I'm also not eating back all the calories I burn and ordering a fitbit...soon.
    Thanks :)
  • danaberge
    danaberge Posts: 117 Member
    I don't weigh myself weekly. I find weekly to fluctuate too much. So every two weeks is a good marker for me. It will tell me that my hard work is paying off... and not to get discouraged with a 1 or 2 lbs loss...
    Even if it took me two weeks to earn it.
    Someone told me that some weeks the scale didn't budge.. but lost inches. Very motivational also. I will be doing measurments tonight. :)