Heart rate during insanity...help!

Hi I'm abit of a couch potato getting very little exercise i get about 30-40mins a day dog walk and 2 and a half hours every Friday playing indoor bowls and that's about it so i thought enough's enough I'd do something about it,so i started insanity.I've done the fitness test and now i'm on day three of the routine and before i did it today i brought a heart rate monitor i had average rate of 158 and at the highest it was 187 is this dangerous?? can i carry on with it?.


  • jessspurr
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    You would have to determine what your maximum heart rate is - I don't know how to do this, but I need to do it myself. I think it would be hard to say your range of heart rate is dangerous or not because it's very individual and based on a lot of things. For me, I shoot for a heart rate of 163 when I am doing a moderate to intense cardio session, but would expect my heart rate to go up to 180s if I was doing HIIT. I don't think I would want to maintain a 180 heart rate for very long though. Again, I really need to figure out what my max heart rate is, because what I just said isn't really based on anything except experience. I'm trying Insanity at my gym tomorrow and I am going to wear my HRM so it will be interesting to see what happens!
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    I end my jogs with a sprint, and it always takes my heart rate over 200. I'm still alive, so...it seems to be working for me.
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    My HR hit about the same with Insanity. Just make sure you are taking breaks when your HR gets towards the upper end of that (usually over 180)
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    Hoping for good replies on this. I am interested in this too. My heart rate can also get this high with P90x plyometrics workout. I also average a high heart rate. I have been doing this for a couple of months now.
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    I dont know how good this site is http://runnersconnect.net/training/tools/heart-rate-calculator/

    but i used my heart monitor to take resting heart rate and with age and that rate it does the maths apparently .....Age 25...resting heart rate 81.

    Recovery Training Zone-150-160
    Aerobic Training Zone- 161-172
    Lactate Threshold Zone-173-183
    Anaerobic Training Zone-184-195
    Maximum Heart Rate-196
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    those numbers look accurate.
    your resting heart rate is a little on the higher side (60-100 is "healthy", but the real goal is 60-80 if you ask any health care professional). 158 is not a high heart rate. to increase your cv fitness, you want to be in the lactate threshold zone or the aerobic training zone, so you can keep pushing yourself. going above that zone is not bad. if you are otherwise healthy and are not on any medications, reaching 187 as a max is not a big deal at all.
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    For what it's worth, my boyfriend just recently started working out and his HR gets into the 190s when he is running at 6MPH. I have been working out regularly for 2 years and my HR gets as high as 173 when I'm doing Insanity and pushing as hard as I can. Yours sounds about right. :)

    Sorry for the very non-scientific response! Hopefully someone else can provide that for ya.
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    Many gyms, and the staff at the Y were I attend, say your maximum heart rate should be 220 minus your age. That is an average.

    Your target heart rate should be 85% of that maximum.
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    Hi I read an average way to find your max heart rate is to take 220 and deduct your age. Obviously this isn't exact. I bought a Hrm and then googled how to work out training zones and lots of websites with calculators came up. I bought my Hrm off amazon for 15.99 and it's fab. It tells me how many cals burnt and everything and it is exact as Hrm chest strap and watch never loss signal. :-))