20 worst supermarket foods


  • LJK100
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    Wow...quite interesting...food for thought!
  • zenzoes
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  • Glad I read this, I'm sure I have had some of the worst choices....but I'm proud to say, I eat Kashi GoLean almost every day for breakfast, so I was stoked to see it was an alternate suggestion!
  • Rynatat
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    This is when I am so happy to have Celiac's Disease (Gluten allergy). I can't eat a single thing on that list, although my fiance & roommate frequent those types of so-called foods! I'll have to pass that link on so they get a better idea of what they're eating since they don't read ingredient labels voluntarily!
  • cediyam
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... not twix!
  • Navie42
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... not twix!

    That was my response LOL. I couldn't believe it... the same sat fat as 11 strips of bacon!! I was having a twix every day for like a month from the vending machine at work when I was pregnant. >.< No wonder I need to lose weight.
  • Jennwith2ns
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    Interesting, thanks! I was surprised by the cereal!
  • rfialkiewicz
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    Since when have pop-tarts ever been considered "healthy"? I was shocked to see that labeled as a "healthy" pantry item.