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"banking" calories?

So - if you know that you've got a special occasion coming up (like a superbowl party) where the food is likely to be crap and too irresistible! ha. Is it reasonable to eat less in the days leading up to the party to "make up" for the over-calorie eating that you know you're bound to do.... or do you just stay to your normal caloric intake and say "screw it" on the day of the event, and just do what you want?

I seem to recall from years ago that Weight Watchers let folks "bank" points for the week (I never did WW but my mom did) - but it seems a bit counter to the "don't starve your body by eating too few calories in a day" theory...


  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 9,121 Member
    I don't know if MFP has a 'rule' on this - but my thoughts are that its your average intake that counts, not your exact daily intake.

    I wouldn't do it to extremes - but being under your allowance by no more than perhaps 100 calories per day in week prior and then going over by 600 on the special day, would seem ok to me, and would even out overall.
  • tequila09
    tequila09 Posts: 764 Member
    Yup! I look at my weekly calories to make sure Im still on track with my goals.
  • BackInTheSaddle13
    BackInTheSaddle13 Posts: 47 Member
    I don't think it matters.

    I aim for the same calorie loss in a day but some days are a little higher and some lower. I think it would be reasonable to dock a few hundred calories (or workout extra) to enjoy a party.

    Loss is loss.

  • Sreneesa
    Sreneesa Posts: 1,170 Member
    I've done that a few times. I just split the difference between a few days. Just added them before hand and it all worked out. Then again I do have 1850 calories each day so it works for me and I rarely eat them all.
  • gigglesinthesun
    gigglesinthesun Posts: 860 Member
    I bank frequently and for me in my experience it all evens out over the month
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,344 Member
    I average my calories over the, yeah, pretty much.
  • JaniePapageorgio
    JaniePapageorgio Posts: 142 Member
    You should check out the concept of intermittent fasting. What you described is pretty close to my general diet strategy. Just search "intermittent fasting", "5:2", "4:3", JUDDD, etc.
  • tedsmama
    tedsmama Posts: 178 Member
    Just eat. Get back on track Monday. Life/Superbowl/Holidays happen. :drinker:
  • RaspberryKeytoneBoondoggle
    "Banking" calories worked for me when I was losing:)
  • RaspberryKeytoneBoondoggle
    Just eat. Get back on track Monday. Life/Superbowl/Holidays happen. :drinker:

    ^this works too:)
  • lebbyloses
    lebbyloses Posts: 133 Member
    Some people do that every week!

    I try to be slightly under on weekdays in case I end up a bit higher on weekends, and for example this weekend I had more planned than usual, so I tried to be 100-200 under toward the end of the week. As long as you watch your weekly averages it seems reasonable. I mean, your fat cells don't have a calendar, you know?