Focus T25 Workout

I am looking for feedback as I am contemplating buying the T25 DVD workout.

I am 50 years old - I do a lot of cardio at the gym but I would not consider myself in shape - I am about 30 lbs overweight and it is very hard for me to lose due to insulin resistance/hypothyroid.

However, I am considering this workout so I can a)workout at home vs. gym and b)focus on losing inches and just being healthy.

I've heard there is a low-impact trainer on the DVDs which would be perfect.

Anyone that is similar to myself using this I would love to hear from.

Thank you,


  • aquarabbit
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    I messed up my knee pretty spectacularly falling off a horse when I was in high school. So even though I do strength training for it, I prefer low impact workouts just to be on the safe side. So I'm a big fan of Turbo Fire and T25 for the low impact modifications. I wear weighted gloves to get a bit of an extra challenge now, but even without, you'll still work up a great sweat. I would say go for it. It's only my first round (I'm in Beta), but it's really a program that I feel you can grow with since you're able to put more in as you get into better shape. I would say try to get Gamma to make it a 3 phase program though. I tested one out the other day and it's fun! I've also found that when I do other workouts, I use the modifications I've learned from Turbo Fire and T25 to make things low impact. So they've really helped me beyond the actual programs themselves.
  • MarlaVSings
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    Just finished my 2nd week of Alpha (the first phase). I like it so far but I have prior injuries that have been acting up a little bit so for now I've decreased to 3d/week. Overall though I think it is a great program - very doable. I feel like there is almost no excuse in the world to not fit in a 25 minute workout, so that sorta motivates me :laugh:

    There is a girl doing the modifiers and you do still get a good workout following her. I think it's worth it.
  • boxpunk
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    hey, I've done one week of alpha phase (alpha beta gamma) and even tho I do the modifier, its brutal, but in a good way. I have seen amazing results. stamina, endurance, and strength, all increased. I have even lost a little weight and inches. I haven't weighed myself, but my shirts and pants are less snug. its a great investment.
  • lightmouse
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    I bought this after finishing Insanity, and I am three days away from finishing the first month (Alpha round). I love it and find it so much easier to fit into the day than Insanity, which was also fantastic but brutal after a 12 hour shift!

    Despite having completed Insanity, I still find this challenging due to the lack of planned breaks. I do not use the modified exercises but they do appear to be much lower impact. It may only be 25 minutes but it is not easy. I believe though that anyone can do these workouts as long as they listen to their body and do the most that THEY can do - if that means taking a break, or doing push ups against a wall so be it, everyone starts somewhere and you can only get better. As long as you are prepared for the challenge you should go for it :-)

    I'm not a Beachbody coach, but I cannot praise their programs enough. They really do work. I have always been active, but until discovering Insanity/Focus T25 I never got the results I wanted. The nutrition guides helped me sort out my eating which was holding me back. I eat more than the guides suggest but in the same ratios.

    Give it a go :-) good luck! x
  • I am in my 4th week of T25 Alpha and I absolutely love it. It is a short 25 minutes per day but I think a big part of my success thus far is MFP as it makes me accountable for my food. T25 has improved my balance and mobility. I really can not say enough about it. I bought it as a result of a friend of mine that I witness lose 45 lbs thus far and she looks fabulous. Get it!
  • fitfan11
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    Enjoying the short workouts. I'm on week 4, Day 1 of Alpha and I'm still being challenged. I did prefer the intensity of Insanity but the high impact exercises weren't good on this 47 year old body. I still do some of the Insanity workouts along with T25 just to vary my workouts.
  • I am actually going to start Focus T25 today, anyone have any advice?
    I haven't been very active lately (bad me) Also I'm pretty new to the site (signed up a while ago but haven't on since) so I'm hoping this helps a bit with the motivation problem. Has anyone had some dramatic changes due to the work out program?
  • debraran1
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    I have had T25 for over a week now. I had done cardio and tabata style workouts and was happy to see some of the moves repeated here, so I wasn't stumbling learning new things. I thought Alpha cardio was fun...there is Tonya a modifier who they show enough for you to get the moves (I hate when the modifier is hidden) I felt most of the moves were easy enough, variations of jacks, hopping, skaters, etc. Doing it for 25 minutes is hard. ; ) But that said, in Alpha anyway you get a breather when he stretches you a couple of times, static movements. For me, it goes quickly. I am not a fan of the strength in Alpha and do that separately. I had planned to do it with other programs/DVD's so that is fine with me. I'm curious though, since it came with a cord/ band, how the strength is for the next segment. No equipment is needed with the first phase. I burn an average 210 on my HRM sometimes higher, not counting cooldown. I feel for 25 minutes, that isn't bad at all.

    I bought mine on Ebay, only 68, which was better for me financially and if I didn't like it, not as much of a loss. I will keep it up though and might go into Beta a bit quicker and see what that is like.