Seeking Fitness Freinds for Motivation & Support

I'm not on a mission to LOSE weight, become someone different OR stop every 'bad' habit I may have (who's to judge what is or isn't bad for us after all- you only live once as far as I'm concerned so make it count- IN MODERATION that is!)
I AM looking for people who are on a fitness journey like me- to find the balance of work/play, fun and fitness that is necessary to be the healthiest and happies- FIT and FAB person I know I can be and I want to be that person now, so I can be that person until I meet my demise...
I am hoping to be motivation to others seeking a lifestyle change that is permanent in the BEST direction to be amazing and look and feel amazing!
I'm looking for PARTNERS to motivate/drive me to do more, be better and improve my current fintess goals and to share successes with.
I'm looking for fun ways to share stories, info, recipes, etc...whatever it is that makes us tick and helps us help each other!
Please let me know if your interested!
And by all means please add me as your MFP friend if you feel compelled!

oh and of course...happy Sunday FUN day!