Looking for support

I'm not new to MFP or to losing weight with it, but I'm needing some more active friends who give out support. I'm finding the longer I'm on here the more I'm removing friend who no longer log into MFP or who stop posting. I'm on often, and I'm a really good cheerleader, so if you're also looking for some support and you're wanting to give some out please send me a friend request!


  • molllissy
    molllissy Posts: 16 Member
    Hey! I am fairly new on here too! I grew up in Green Bay, WI and will be moving back there when my boyfriend deploys to Afghanistan in March! So I'm definetly sending you a friend request! Because if your like me... cheese & beer is one of my struggles lol
  • suzely0530
    suzely0530 Posts: 150 Member
    I have been on MFP for over a year and love the support that I've received from friends and love giving back. Friend requests sent to you both :)