looking for friends with 1800 calories plan or 0.5#week goal

I"m trying to find other people on MFP that are doing 0.5 weight loss or 1800 calories a day.


  • curlytoes79
    curlytoes79 Posts: 95 Member
    I'm supposed to lose a half pound a month, although I've been losing faster than that as I shed water weight. My calories are 1400-1500/day.
  • Mustgetbuff
    Mustgetbuff Posts: 267 Member
    Hey there, I'm on 1800 calories a day and aiming to lose about 0.5lb a week--feel free to add me!
  • chelcwick
    You can add me- I'm gonna try 1800 for awhile
  • kreplogle88
    kreplogle88 Posts: 2 Member
    I am fairly new. I have been on MFP off and on and have not stuck with it. Today is my first day back and I am in the 1700 calorie range.
  • HaibaneReki
    HaibaneReki Posts: 373 Member
    living at 1820 for couple weeks now. Feel free to add :)
  • spikrgrl503
    spikrgrl503 Posts: 247 Member
    I'm at about 1850 (before fitbit cals) losing 1 lb a week. Feel free to add me!
  • errorist
    errorist Posts: 142 Member
    That's me - 1818 kcal and 0.5lbs a week. Feel free to add me, I'd love to see what other people are eating for 1800 kcal/day.