newbie here!

hi everyone! my name is marie and i'm a stay at home mom and an army wife. my husband and i have been married a little more than 2 yrs now and we have 2 children. gabriel is our 4yr old and isabelle will be 2yrs at the end of this month.
i'm new to the site, but definitely not new to "dieting". after i had my son, i weighed in at 300lbs (december 2005). i have come a long way since that day (now weighing in at about 185lbs... i'll know tomorrow because that's going to be my designated weigh in day), but i'm still further from my goal weight than i'd like to be. i was part of another very well known weight loss plan, but after joining the gym and seeing a personal trainer for a few sessions i decided it was too "cookie cutter" for me. what works for some, will not work for all and right now i'm trying to find what's going to work for me.
i look forward to making friends here and finding a great support system.