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This is Jay Leno's last night and then Jimmy Fallon takes over. What do you think?

I was a Fallon fan on SNL, but his Late Night show has grown on me... like mold. I think he'll do OK, but he's no Jay Leno.

Will he only do his bits, or will he inherit any of Jay's (like Headlines, JayWalking, etc.?) Also, what's the over/under on the ratings dropping like a rock and NBC scrambling to backtrack? (*koff koff* Conan O'Brien *koff*)


  • EddieHaskell97
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    I'll miss Jay. I generally didn't like his opening monologues as the years passed (too much reliance on CGI video tricks now) but I always thought he was a great interviewer.

    I hope he'll continue the "Headlines" bit, but I really don't get the feeling he'll be using any of the old routines. I hope I'm wrong.

    With NBC, who knows? If Comcast is still in control, Fallon will have to put up some impressive numbers pretty darn quickly. Comcast demands success immediately, and has no problem eliminating anything that doesn't turn in a high enough profit ratio. Just look at what they did the the Wrestling,,, er, "SyFy" Channel...

    In any case, I wish them both the best.
  • coolraul07
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  • Chieflrg
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    I would hazard to say the same thing was said about Leno when he took over.
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    I watched Fallon's show a few times and I hated it. I didn't think he was remotely funny. Maybe he will have some different writers on the Tonight Show. Are The Roots staying?