For the ladies - ever buy smaller clothing for motivation?



  • callmestephanie
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    I don't buy clothes as motivation, but I have hung onto something from when I was smaller.

    This. I have like two trash bags of cloths I love from when I was younger and I hope to fit into again. I'm so cloooose. Now if only my boobs would shrink, they're they biggest problem x-x
  • MrsCurvyFab
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    I am the same way with my 'play' money. thank God my husbands mom was the same with clothes and shoes growing up.. so he is arleady used to it (Thank you Mrs. Beverly!)

    but i do have a handful of clothes that i try on ever so often to see how far i have come. when I was at my highest weight I had a pair of slacks my sister used to wear. I mean like 6 sizes smaller! I would try them on to see how far i have come. it took almost 2 years and the pants fit now, but they are just no good for my body type.

    if its your motivation DO IT! 10lbs is very doable and closer than you think. sometimes even a couple of months away:)
    some find their motiavation on the scale, in pictures, or whatever... do what you know will drive you. take it and run with it :)

    I have a black dress hanging in my closet waiting for my 30th bday. 9 months away :)
  • knra_grl
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    No but I have held on to an old pair of Levi jeans which were my fave (omg I am old) - they are worn and torn in places but if I EVER fit back into those I will celebrate :drinker:
  • katiefbe
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    Nope because I don't have room to keep ever expanding amounts of 'stuff' and I'd find it really depressing.

    I do however buy clothes that are just a touch too snug for comfort because I know that in two weeks they'll fit perfectly (but in two weeks I probably won't have time to go shopping).

    There also comes a point when whilst having a muffin top looks bad, wearing clothes that are clearly too big looks slovenly.
  • Maryaly40
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    i bought a pair of dress pants that are a size 4. They were only $4.00 on clearance. Maybe I'll fit into them next winter :)
  • EddieHaskell97
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    Not a lady, but I did it twice. It did nothing to help, both times. However, when I did finally get it together, I had some new clothes that fit oh-so-well just waiting for me in the closet. As I'm a guy, the fact that they were two years old wasn't any sort of fashion faux-pas.
  • arielgrange9
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    I just went to buy jeans the other day and I bought one pair that is 2 sizes down just because I wanted to be tested!

    I find that I will buy tighter t-shirts because I can't stand wearing things that are too small and it looking ridiculously awful and not attractive so I put it on at the end of each week and sometimes (not everytime) I see it fitting a little better :)
  • arielgrange9
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    Not all women have that issue Mate, my 'fashion sense' involves a football/hockey jersey and whatever jeans DONT have holes in them quite yet! ;)
  • Cakewalk25
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    Here's the dress for those curious: I think I might just drool over it for a while...It's one of those dresses that is very form fitting so basically if you have any bulges it'll show! Yeah, it's about $100 more than I would like to spend on a dress, but it's so beautiful! Haha

    And @judykat, your closet looks awesome!
  • tempehforever
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    I don't think this works, especially if you go a LOT smaller.

    I'm a size 6, which is a common "goal" size, but I'd estimate less than a quarter of clothes I try on in my size fit well or are flattering on me. Just because you've lost weight doesn't mean that ever single thing in your new size will look good on you. It would be sad to get all excited about a new item only to lose weight and discover that, nope, high-waisted pencil skirts just don't work on you (or whatever).
  • retiree2006
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    No because sometimes what I think will look good (in the future) ends up not being as flattering. So these days I wait until I'm "there" and then buy. Amazing how things I think will fit nicely don't, and even more interesting how new-to-me styles now look great! I've become much more critical when buying rather than just getting anything that used to cover my more ample physique!
  • princessofredrock
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    After loosing most of the weight I wanted to. I could not wait to try on those old pre baby jeans!

    To my surprise they fit my waist, a 1990 size 4 but they were all relaxed fit cause I have always had a big booty! lol

    They did not however fit my butt and legs any more..... baggy city! ugh! I love wearing jeans so I guess I will have to go get skinny jeans... what a bummer! lol The only pair that fits is a pair of Jordache jeans my M-I-L gave me years ago!

    Now dresses, different story! Yes I bought some knowing I would some day fit in them, and I am almost there! Just need to tighten the upper and lower muffin some more and the 3 that don't zip will!

    Good luck to us all as we work to our goals and then BOOM! hit them!

  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
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    I hang on to everything and will try to fit back into clothes. Even clothes that are really outdated. It's kind of a bad habit because when I go to my closet and think "I have plenty of Size X clothes" but everything has bad elastic or is ugly.

    Man, I need to go shopping. I'm managing on t-shirts my mom "accidentally" bought at Hollister in my size instead of my niece's. If What Not To Wear was still being filmed, Clinton and Stacy would take all of them, my ratty gym clothes and my swimwear and make me dress like a human being.
  • seltzermint555
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    Yes and no.

    I've done it but definitely not to that level. I just can't part with hundreds of dollars that easily because I'm VERY tight with money (even though I'm also a working individual with no children). Not saying it's bad for you to do, though! You know yourself best and I'd say if the next size up is already too large on you then go for it!

    For me it's usually thrift store or DEEPLY discounted clearance stuff I'll go ahead and snag. Like $7 skinnies in a 12 at Target (currently in a loose pair that are 16 and can tell the cut/fit will transfer). Or the $1 dress that I got in a charity shop last summer and it now fits pretty well. I've got a bunch of 14s that I just started getting into and 1/2 drawer of L tops that are just waiting on me. Most of those "fit" now but will look better later. For the time being they're good layering pieces!
  • beaches61
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    I would buy clothing as a REWARD for losing weight, but not as an inspiration to lose weight. If I don't look good in it NOW, I don't buy it.
  • wilsoje74
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    I wouldn't if it cost $250!
  • judykat7
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    Here's the dress for those curious: I think I might just drool over it for a while...It's one of those dresses that is very form fitting so basically if you have any bulges it'll show! Yeah, it's about $100 more than I would like to spend on a dress, but it's so beautiful! Haha

    And @judykat, your closet looks awesome!

    Thanks! I do have a great closet - just a hair too small though.

    Very cute dress but not one that will stay in style forever if that matters to you. It doesn't too me if I like it well enough. That dress too me is more like a dress I would buy for a particular occasion and in your scenario if it doesn't fit when that occasion arrives then its wasted maybe. Sometime items just call our name though!
  • lynn1982
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    I've bought pants before that were a tad snug, knowing that they'd fit after losing a couple more pounds. So I guess that's similar?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with buying smaller clothes for motivation. The only problem is if you have a particular time that you need to wear the dress, it might not fit then. Also, be careful with this - I bought a dress a couple years ago that was a tad snug. I kept it thinking it would fit soon but I never wore it because it just never fit. A couple months ago I was going through my closet and found the dress - tags still on it! I tried it on and it was way too big!! I was a bit disappointed that I never got to wear it...
  • ThatCatholicGirl
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    Okay, I HAD to click and comment on this thread because it was right up my street! (I normally stay away from the forums.)

    I'm currently wondering about doing the same thing. I'm a UK size 14 so... a US 10. I've seen THE most beautiful dress that I think would be perfect for my BIL's wedding in July that is a dress size smaller at a size 12 (US 8 - yes a dress size goes up and down by 2 not 1, weird huh?) and I'm thinking about buying it and hanging it up for me to see every time I work out to "keep my eyes on the prize" so to speak. It's a toughie... it's still pricey even in the sale (I never spend much on my clothes, I'm no fashionista).

    I'm intrigued to see that some people think it's a great ideas whereas others don't. I don't *think* my body would change too much in a dress size. If it does, I hope it's my post-pregnancy-at-6-years belly that changes the most!!


    (Oh the dress? Check it:
  • judykat7
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    Normally if I bought a dress 6 months in advance of an event I would buy 3 more and shoes to match all of the before the event arrived and then not know what to wear! One size isn't a lot for 6 months though. It might make the purchase more attractive if you could get into the smaller size but needed to have a body change in order to wear it comfortably and rock it.