Wow, I netted ... zero calories.

We had some remodeling done, so one room was covered in horrible gritty plaster dust that acts like sandpaper on my sinuses. Therefore I went on a nine-hour cleaning binge. I started by vacuuming the ceiling, you guys.

I removed everything from every closet shelf abd bookshelf and wiped everything down. Then I moved the bookshelves and vacuumed behind them, then moved them back and reloaded them. I moved every individual piece of computer equipment and vacuumed underneath it and wiped it, including the cords. I moved every piece of furniture and vacuumed behind it.

I even took down the curtains, washed them, and hung them back up (and the number of hanging pins I removed exactly matches the number of hanging pins I reinserted -- how magical is that??!)

Meanwhile, I wasn't all that hungry because of how hard I was concentrating on cleaning, so I ate my normal 1400 calories. Then I entered "Nine hours cleaning, light, moderate effort." And ... wow! No net calories for the day!

So, pretty awesome. I guess next time I'll throw in a sandwich or something.


  • nomeejerome
    nomeejerome Posts: 2,616 Member
    Nope. That is not pretty awesome.
  • Leisalynn84
    Leisalynn84 Posts: 113 Member
    How is that not awesome? Way to go! I think that is how I'll spend my day tomorrow! I would love one day like that a week to make up for the white chocolate mochas I drink every morning! it's like IF without the fasting!

    if a person had net 0 frequently that would be not awesome but once in a while is totally fine.
  • tapirfrog
    tapirfrog Posts: 616 Member
    Yeah, I was freaked out at first, and then I said "MFP overestimates" and then I said "I'll be more careful next time." One day won't kill me. I hope.
  • hauhaut901
    hauhaut901 Posts: 66 Member
    Don't worry too much about it , MFP does massively overestimate calorie expenditure @ exercises =)