That line down the middle of your stomach

I've tried to look it up but I can't seem to find a name for it. Some people say it's called the linea alba but that seems lower down to me based on guidelines.
I ask because I have it - in fact I've had it at a higher body weight. Can anyone tell me what it means to have this line?
Here's a pic for reference and no I'm not as slim as this person.


  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    Linea Alba. It's the line that divides your abs.
  • fushigi1988
    fushigi1988 Posts: 519 Member
    I like that line, I have it too :)
  • Indiri13
    Indiri13 Posts: 104 Member
    Don't know what it's called. I start seeing it when body fat is about 25% or less, getting more defined as the number gets lower. Since your ribs don't actually meet in the middle there is a natural "crease" there but high body fat percentages seem to cover it up.
  • LydiaKO
    LydiaKO Posts: 40 Member
    At first I thought you were talking about Pectus Excavatum but yea it's the linea alba. It starts from under your chest down to your vagina or penile. It's like a divider line.
  • fairygirlpie9
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    Aaaaah thanks all. Yeah my body fat percentage is in between 21-25% so that would make sense. Hmmm I do quite like it so hopefully as I lose more it will get even more defined.
  • Linnaea27
    Linnaea27 Posts: 639 Member
    I have just started to notice that I have one-- I think I have just reached about 25% body fat, so it is interesting that that's the point at which it usually appears.