dutch and european

i can't find any of my own language around here
it's lonely :(


  • asiak88
    asiak88 Posts: 8 Member
    Neither can I. Well, I'm European, so if you want you can add me ;)
  • ultrachickenburger
    I added you :)
  • NapsAndNachos
    I'm also European, though not Dutch. I've been there a couple of times, does that count? :-)
  • dutchieee0212
    wohooo show yourself dutchies!!!
  • mockchoc
    mockchoc Posts: 6,573 Member
    I have a dutch friend on here. I'll let him know about you.
  • akoorn1982
    akoorn1982 Posts: 152 Member
    There is a whole active Dutch forum. You can visit it by changing the language/ drop down box to Nederlands when you are at Forum home.
  • VoodooAborisha
    VoodooAborisha Posts: 147 Member
    I live in Europe, though I am not Dutch, nor can I speak it. Feel free to add though if you like, I live in Denmark.
  • Granville_Cocteau
    Granville_Cocteau Posts: 209 Member
    Thread brings to mind a joke :

    Heaven is where...
    The police are British
    The cooks are Italian
    The lovers are French
    The mechanics are German
    And it's all organized by the Swiss.

    Hell is where...
    The cooks are British
    The mechanics are French
    The lovers are Swiss
    The police are German
    And it's all organized by the Italians.
  • swissmish
    swissmish Posts: 183 Member
    I am not dutch, but do live in Europe.....I'm in Switzerland. Feel free to add me too!
  • Okapi42
    Okapi42 Posts: 495 Member
    Half Dutch, half German, living in (Northern) Ireland - I think that counts as European!

    I'd love a chance to practice my Dutch again, but it's terrible. I haven't spoken it regularly since my father died two and a half years ago.
  • ZealousMissJJ
    ZealousMissJJ Posts: 454 Member
    Dutch :)
  • enjoythesound
    enjoythesound Posts: 89 Member
    I'm French not Dutch but I lived 6 months in Enkhuizen a few years ago!
    I loooove your country so much I'm trying to find a job there! I'm not speaking dutch though :(
  • Marcolter
    Marcolter Posts: 103 Member
    How many calories are the Space Cakes in Amsterdam? I vacationed in Amsterdam. Wundebar!!! I know that is German. Good luck on health journey.
  • marjoleina
    marjoleina Posts: 189 Member
    Hi there! Ik ben Nederlands en woon in Amsterdam, FR sent your way
  • ultrachickenburger
    I've added every single one of you :D
  • FotoRoel
    iam a Dutchy :D
  • Lyla_
    Lyla_ Posts: 4 Member
    Hiero :D
  • louzziej
    louzziej Posts: 15 Member
    How many calories are the Space Cakes in Amsterdam?

    ALL of them
  • louzziej
    louzziej Posts: 15 Member
    HEllo All!

    I'm Dutch too and like its said before, change your language in mfp to see the community post of your country.
    But I don't discriminate, You all can add me as friend ;) I love getting the mfp chat active, and also the wall/news feed is fun to stay in touch with eachother.

    Anyways, have a great day! Hope to chat :)