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handyrunnerhandyrunner Member Posts: 32,665 Member Member Posts: 32,665 Member
Im sure there are folks who have visited this site..has anyone ever used their consulting services? let me here your feedback.


  • Fitastic14Fitastic14 Member Posts: 30 Member Posts: 30
    Hey! Not exactly pertaining to your question, but in my experience, I do best when I don't necessarily watch my macros too closely...I got obsessed with EVERYTHING I consume when I did. I'm a huge believer in just watching the cal intake...eating anything you want but in moderation. Of course some small details matter, like sodium clings to water and protein helps us recover, fiber keeps you full, etc, etc, but I'm not one to care too much about it. lol

    Hope this helps.
  • bamadwlbamadwl Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    New to me. Curious to see answers.
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