I'm halfway there....

This year I decided that walking 3 miles 3 times a week wasn't enough so I joined a gym. In October 2013 I got a different trainer and started working with him once a week, then changing to twice, and now working with him 4 times a week. I find myself noticing the changes daily, along with the muscle pain which is to be expected. So my question out to you in MFP world, for those who have been or had been carrying weights to be catagorized as morbidly obese, do you find yourself constantly feeling your changes?? (I wanted to word it a different way but someone would quickly think it perverted!!) My stomach used to be a solid mass and is now a jello mold, my quads (never really having any before) have transformed into muscles I've never had before, my biceps, I'm starting to feel like a female Popeye... i can't get over the changes that I have never had before. Anyone else experiencing this??


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