Craving Food: A Simple Experiment

I have what I think is a fairly common unhealthy relationship with food. I want it more than I should. I often fail to stay below my daily calorie target and I occasionally grossly overeat. I hate that and of course more than just because I'm not reaching my goal weight. I also feel like food has control of me.

So I did a simple experiment this week by fasting for just one day. I've fasted a few times before but always because I had to (I was very sick or I was having a colonoscopy). This time, I just did it to see what would happen to me if I didn't eat for a whole day when I was healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercising, working, etc. An otherwise normal day. Would I feel faint, lose energy, binge, what?

On Monday, I ate and exercised normally. On Tuesday, I had black coffee, tea, and water but nothing else all day, did a 30 minute vigorous cardio workout, and then worked all day. No food at all that day. The next morning, I ate my usual breakfast of granola, yogurt, and berries, did another 30 minute cardio workout, went to work, and had a typical day eating as I normally would. What did I feel during this time? Nothing at all. Yes, it felt weird not to eat and often my brain would prompt me with something like "Aren't you going to eat?" But no noticeable physical (or even mental/emotional) side effects at all. None.

I'm sure I knew it would turn out this way. Missing food for one day (unless you're diabetic) can't be a big deal. But it surprised me how easy it was. I really don't have to listen to my desires. I can use common sense and do without if I choose. Nothing bad is going to happen to me if I stop eating at my calorie target. And I should finally be able to have control over my weight (and food) if I did. Really.

I'm not recommending this as a way to lose weight nor am I recommending against it. I just thought I'd relay the observations from my tiny experiment as I continue to try to learn how my brain and body work. Good luck to you!


  • rocknlotsofrolls
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    I know what you mean. Everybody is different and we have to experiment on our own to find what works for us.
    For me, I find that I'm less hungry and less likely to binge when I cut out the processed carbs like donuts, and eat more protein and fat. I think Lay's potato chips was on to something when their slogan read, "no one can eat just one" LOL!
  • QuietBloom
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    Good for you! I think you learned something quite important. :flowerforyou: