For the goal oriented (like me)

I am a driven person. I am successful and when a task needs to be done, I tackle it, wrestle it to the ground, and conquer! But, this hasn't worked for me in the arena of diet and exercise.

I have been a yo-yo dieter and exerciser for years - i would go strong and be all or nothing. I would lose weight, run a half marathon, and then stop eating right and running because i had reached my goal. also, when i fell out of routine or had a couple days of slipping up, i would get depressed, discouraged, think i had failed, and then wallow in it, which of course only made the problem worse. NOT ANYMORE! While I admit I still struggle a bit with discouragement at times, overall, I have really changed my outlook on exercise and eating right and losing weight. I am learning to have grace for myself and to realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Maybe a slip up means that it will take me a week longer to reach my ultimate goal, but who cares?!? it's not going to define me. It's not going to keep me down. Every day is a new day to make better choices. I write this to encourage you - that even if you're out of rhythm, keep pressing on. Make 1 more healthy choice today than you did yesterday. Don't ever give up!

A friend recently showed me this article, and I thought it really summed up my thoughts well. While it is in a business magazine, it has words to say for people like me, and maybe you too, in the area of diet and exercise. (I can't figure out how to make this show as a link, so I guess you will have to copy/paste if you are interested in the article, which is called "forget setting goals. Focus on this instead."