20-30 min bodyweight video guides (free)?

Hey guys!

For the past few months I've been getting up early and doing JM 30DS before work and now I'm addicted to the routine. However, I'd like some new options.

I'm interested in circuit-training/bodyweight workouts that last from 20-30 min that are free and online. I've found a lot of static illustrated or photographed guides, but haven't been able to find a guided video for what I'm looking for.

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • ummommyme
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  • Try JM's Ripped in 30. There are 4 workouts and they are all different. You can find the DVD pretty cheap on amazon.com
  • PurpleDragon87
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    YouTube. Just do a search and lots of different videos will come up! I'm currently doing The Butt Bible and the 30 Day Butt Lift both free on YouTube! :)