BEFORE AND... DURING!! - Success so far!



  • goalie234
    goalie234 Posts: 97 Member
    Wow thats amazing progress and you look great !!

    Im in the exact same position .. Im 5'7 and weighed 188lb .. Its been 3 weeks on mfp along with cardio and strength 6days a week and i am at 180 lb .. I also wear size 14 top and size 16 bottom !
    I would like to know at what weight u went down a dress size ? Also which areas did you lose the most ?? I seem to be losing my love handles but still a longggg way to go :)

    Thank you :) you're doing well keep that up and you will see results in no time! It was when I done body pump and kettlercise I noticed the biggest changes! It was when I got to about 175ish I went down to 12 on top and 14 on bottom then just lately getting to about 164ish I have went down another dress size on top (almost, not all size 10s fit me) and another dress size on bottom to a 12:) I lose weight on stomach arms etc first because I am pear shape unfortunately lol. Then once I was in 170s somewhere, it started coming off my legs and bum! :) add me if you want! X

    Adding you ! Sent u a FR :) oh and I'm a pear shape as well ! But so far my arms and stomach don't want to let go off the fat .. Those are my problem zones , along with muffin tops and minimal saddle bags .. :)
  • azerberjankey
    Highly and stories like this really help. Thank you!
  • RideRunRepeat
    RideRunRepeat Posts: 54 Member
    Wow spectacular job!! :D Congrats!! :D
  • dxc92
    dxc92 Posts: 138 Member
    Aw wow! Thank you everyone for your kind comments x
  • fredgiblet
    fredgiblet Posts: 241 Member
  • MellisaK9882
    You are doing an amazing job.
  • RachelRuns9
    RachelRuns9 Posts: 585 Member
    Congratulations on sticking with it and constantly trying new things!!! You're a great inspiration for others!
  • BeefyBFit
    BeefyBFit Posts: 180 Member
    You look great! Congrats!
  • callyart
    callyart Posts: 209
    You have near enough the same goals as me, I was 186lbs when I started and in 6 weeks have gone to 171lbs. Can't wait to hit where you are, you've done brilliantly! Keep up the good work :D
  • emilyisbonkers
    emilyisbonkers Posts: 373 Member
    whoop :) well done you :)
  • mrsward2010
    mrsward2010 Posts: 61 Member
    this is what im aiming for!!! im currently 207lb from 280 and currently a uk size 18 but would love to be a 14/16 xx
  • GiGiBeans
    GiGiBeans Posts: 1,062 Member
    Great job, looking good! Like the hair change too.
  • ChristinaOrtiz23
    ChristinaOrtiz23 Posts: 1,546 Member
    you look amazing!!
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