Pineapple Dance Studios

Does anybody go?

I don't live in London so it's a bit of a trek for me but I went down today and did 4.5 hours of classes and it was the most fun exercise has ever been for me.

I used to dance quite seriously but find that most dance classes for adults are aerobics or workout based (Zumba, Bodyjam etc) and just repeat the same lame choreography for an hour without even getting you to break a sweat.

But these classes at Pineapple are incredible. I did a 2 hour jazz class that left everybody dripping and exhausted but you just didn't notice at the time because it was so varied and exciting.

MFP tells me I've burned about 950 calories today. Obviously that's a wild overestimate and I haven't but it still shows what great exercise proper dance can be. I'm a total Pineapple convert and will be making every effort to get to London at every possible opportunity.

Sadly, it appears to be the only studio of its kind in the UK (must have over 100 classes a week of all styles and levels). I think they're common in the US?


  • fairygirlpie9
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    Awwww Pineapple studios. So close to my heart. I would go there every weekend when I was younger for the 'Pineapple Performing Arts School' a lot of successful dancers came out of there! I don't go nowadays but it is such a great environment to dance in and theres such a range of dance styles. And yes in the US they are everywhere - when I went to L.A. a few years back my brother would hop from class to class. They have this place called Millenium Studios where all the professionals go.
  • jellybaby84
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    I want to move to LA now!