Morning exercisers: What time does your alarm go off?



  • queenbea77
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    I just had to check back in and see what everyone posted and I'm quite surprised that the majority are like me. CRAZY! LOL! Seriously though, it's good to see so many dedicated people. And we have to be dedicated to get up so early and workout.
  • xero2099
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    during the week the alarm goes off at 645 then by the time I get dressed and have a snack its 715 I get to the gym around 745 and work out until 9 am usually in bed by 11 or 1130 weekends though I am up by 830 go to bed at 2 or 230
  • avskk
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    I don't work until 1PM, so take this as you will... my alarm goes off at 6AM; I spend half an hour drinking coffee and internetting, then hop on the exercise bike for half an hour (intervals, though, so only 15-20 minutes of actual exercise). Now that the weather's warming up I'll probably go back to walking a couple of miles in the morning instead. The only reason I do it that early is that I like to have caffeine and endorphins in my system before my son gets up at 7:00 -- otherwise I'd totally put it off until 10 or 11AM.
  • JoanneC1216
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    Alarm goes off at 4:30, hit the snooze twice, have my coffee.... work out by 5:30-5:45 but only for 30 minutes.

    Go to bed at about 8:30-9
  • rubydrm
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    My alarm goes off at 5:45a when I have Barre class (it's at 6:30a). Otherwise it's not set at all. I go to bed between 9p and 10p. On days I don't set my alarm I wake up naturally about 7a.
  • ratchet2
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    Up between 4:00 - 4:30, workout at home, bed time is 8:00, read for 30 min. Lights out at 8:30. Gotta get my 8 hours of sleep.
  • supermysza
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    they would look at me like I had five heads if I tried to disturb ther beauty sleep to take them out at 4:30am

    :laugh: I know that look, I get it from my dog too
  • BreAnn267
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    Alarm goes off at 3:15am and I hit the elliptical and try to get in some yoga. I go to bed about 10:00 or so. On the weekends I usually get up around 6:00 but every once in a while I'll sleep in.
  • Bounce4
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    Alarm goes off at 5:30 - I hit snooze once or twice. Weekends I sleep until 7:30 or so but I stay up much later.

    I go to bed around midnight usually, give or take an hour.
  • rwieber
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    Alarm goes off at 5am....I work out at home using DVD's. Done with workout by 6am and hop in the shower. Get ready for work and out of the house by 7:30am.

    I am not a morning person at all but I don't have the energy to workout at night. (Make dinner for the family after I get home at 6:30pm) I usually skip one day during the week and exercise on the weekend (one or both days). Bed time is between 10 and 11pm (yea, late....)
  • ninerbuff
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    Lol, I work out at 11:00am, but still get up by 6:30 every morning to get my kid ready for school.

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  • 5:30, I get to the gym around 6. Warm up, lift, stretch, shower and to work by 8.
  • jclist1
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    Up at 5:20 every morning at the latest (due to work trips sometimes even earlier to get at least 1 hour in at the gym). I try to be in bed by 11pm, but that is hit or miss depending on the day.
  • _MG_
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    Lifting days (T,TH): 0430
    Pool days (M,W,F): 0510

    Weekends: If the alarm goes off - someone is getting shot.
  • giggitygoo
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    I get up at 6:30, workout around 8, work, and get to bed at 12:30ish. Apparently I don't value my sleep as much as I value binge watching TV after work.
  • cyclerjenn
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    My Alarm goes off at 4:30, but my 4-legged alarm clocks usually wakes me up earlier.

    I hit the road by 5, it takes about a hour to ride my bike to work then I eat breakfast and get cleaned up to start work by 6:30.

    I'm usually in bed by 9 most nights.
  • No alarm for me. I naturally wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning. Once I'm dressed, I head downstairs to the home gym and do my thing.
  • 1brokegal44
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    6 am during the week. Wake up naturally around 7 on weekends. In bed between 10-11 most days.
  • micky7890
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    Up at 4:45am, workout at 5:30am
    Go to bed at 10:00pm (I really should be in bed by 9:30pm)