Here we go again :)

HI Everyone! I just joined MFP yesterday!Yes a newbie:) So a little about myself..Im 36 mom of 3 great kids and a fantastic wife of 15 Ive had a loooooong journey with weight loss starting with my heaviest weight at 280lbs and down to 150lbs over a few years. I loved working out and being healthy I even started running....yes me run! lol I was training for a 5km and a week before I was to run the race I threw my back out..and off my feet for months. And I am told not to run anymore by Dr. :( I felt defeated went back into bad eating habits again and gained Im now 184 lbs. My size 12's arent fitting anymore and I feel like a lazy lump lol So here I go again! Please add me as a friend I need motivation and a keep at it attitude!

Carey :)


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    Welcome aboard :)

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    Hi Carey!
    My husband is in the same boat as you, it's really a tough road when you have a bad back...seems to really come down to watching the diet. Sending FR :flowerforyou:
    You're back and that's awesome
  • Hi Carey,

    I just joined today. I completely understand your frustration. I am 51 years old, 5' 4" inches 160 lbs. The highest I ever weighed was 163 and that was with my two pregnancies!! Everytime I go full board with my workouts I always seem to injur myself. I've had knee surgey, plantar facitis and heal spur. My weight has crept up 20 pounds in the last 2 years. I know there's the whole menopause factor, but I don't want to use that as an excuse. Maybe we can push one another along and somehow muddle through all this....
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    Hello everyone I haven't just joined but I have been on and off MFP for a while. cant seem to stick with writing things down BUT I need to. I am currently on a T25 challenge and it has changed how I eat and feel so Im back to writing what I eat down for my own good.
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    Hi Carey! I joined last year, but didn't go anywhere with the weight loss. So the past two weeks I've been at it again. Somehow I really have the motivation this time to lose the weight. My colleague and I are doing T25 every day at lunch. It's grueling, but I've really been enjoying it. With the bad back, I would suggest water aerobics. I do that twice a week and have a bad knee (T25 really isn't the best thing for me to do with my knee, but I'm toughing it out). It's very low impact on your body, yet you can feel the burn!

    I've sent a FR to you and will be here to cheer you along! (Note, I only have one additional friend, but I still try to keep an updated status for myself)

    Good luck!
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    hi all feel free to add me if your want motivation and someone to talk to!
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    Welcome and congratulations on beginning your journey. I find for me I am more likely to stick with something if I have a really good "why" for doing it. Figure out why you want to lose weight and be healthy. Something that has an emotional response for you and use that to help keep you going when you feel like you are going to start slacking off. Good luck you can do this :)
  • Welcome back! You've done it before, so you know the dedication it takes. We'll provide the motivation...let's go!