Are all weight reanges crazy like this?

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So I was looking at what my "ideal" weight range for my height (6'4") should be (WebMD).

Normal weight range for the height: 152.0 - 205.4 lbs.

Are they smoking crack? 152 lbs? I can't even begin to imagine being that light. Think I'll need to stick to the top end of that scale. I was looking to get down to 210.


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  • cpusmc
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    What does your Dr say? Those ranges typically are so broad as they take into account a persons bone/frame size. Those with larger frames and bone density are typically top end of the range and those who are smaller frame/bone density are at the low end of the range. They also fail to take into account those who carry a higher than average amount of muscle mass.

    IMO get to 210, see what your Dr says and make a decision from there... Its a process that is always changing and needing to be modified to keep our bodies from obtaining the static state is is always seeking. Good luck...
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    Mine at 5ft 3 is 107lbs to 140lbs. 107 would be ridiculously thin. Personally, I'm shooting for the middle of my weight range if possible. But then it depends how much muscle you want to pack on; when I played rugby, my BMI said I was obese, not overweight, OBESE. My doctor said to ignore that as I played impact sports and so a lot of my mass was muscle. You are potentially better off using body fat as a determining factor.
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    Yeah BMI is garbage.

    Do you know your current BF%

    Check out these calculators
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    I am 5' 5" and it says I should weigh 97lbs to 123 This I impossible I was 130 and at 7% BODY FAT. at 97 I would die. The military standards charts say I am not allowed to drop below 125