should morbidly obese children be taken from parents?

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I just learned that this is going on in the UK:

Anyway I thought this would be an interesting topic.. please keep this polite.


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    Without reading the article (I'm on a very poor tablet) I'd say yes, sorry I know it won't be a popular answer , but children can't help themselves and if the parents won't and as you said super morbidly obese I presume you mean intervene or left to die
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    Not necessarily
    But maybe some counseling for all
    I never want to see kids taken from their families unless the situation can't be helped
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    Perhaps, I think considering the state most of the developed countries are in , that some amount of funding should go towards programs that are designed to teach the whole family how to eat properly(I mean, a professional working one-on-one with these families). If families went through a course like that , and still were found to be making poor choices later then yes, I think there should be consequences.
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    No, foster homes and the CPS system are already overloaded here in the US. Also in before the lock.
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    Situations need to be accessed individually, but no, I do not think that the child should be removed from the parents because of this reason.

    I have 6 sisters, all of whom are normal sized. I was the fat sister. Why was I fat and not the others? Because I ate more? maybe, predisposition? possibly. So remove the child from the family unit? Pretty harsh in my opinion.
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    I worked in the group home system and worked with kids on Foster home.. Trust me, they are better off with their parents if the worst of their problems are being over fed or not being taught proper nutrition - that's something that can be taught, and their weight is something that can be fixed or changed, but to strip them from their family and put them with strangers that may or may not abuse and mistreat them is just wrong. There are better ways.
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    I stay out of other family's business unless I am 100% sure something terrible is going on. To make a blanket statement would be ridiculous.

    I am never for having the government stick their nose in my life.

    There is no clear answer.
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    this is neither fun nor games:angry:
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    Just my opinion, but no. I think there needs to be more education for families about healthy eating. Being in the social work field, I see alot of parents and families trying to do the right thing for their children, but they just don't have the knowledge or tools to be successful.

    Now if a parent was forcefully feeding their children unhealthy food and had no intentions of teaching their children how to eat properly resulting in medical conditions that they are neglectful to address then that is a different story.
  • what a horrible thread.:indifferent:

    this is neither fun nor games:angry:

    + 10000!!!!!!
  • No. I believe we sometimes slowly kill our loved ones with kindness. Literally! I also think that action could make a child more insecure and cause deeper damage in the long run. However I'm not against intervention. Instead the family as a whole, should be offered the opportunity to learn a healthier living style. Then go from there.
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    No child should ever be taken from a parent unless they're being abused or harmed. When it comes to the issue of morbid obesity? Why cause the child even more stress? We don't know the reason for their illness? There could be more going on? Who will decide who is morbidly obese?

    According to my doctor and everything I read, I am obese and I have been this way all my life. It's a slippery slope. Education would be a better course to follow don't you think? Some sort of assistance might be nice, but then again, who will pay for it?

    I just say NO. Instead of taking them away, who ever wants this, should foot the bill to lead them back to a healthy state and ideally, it should be the parents. Just remember, not all parents are created equal. So live and let live or die.

    If my child was morbidly obese I would do something about it and would fight anyone who dare try to take my child away.
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    I raised the question originally. I don't know what the right answer is. I do think more should be done in the US to stop childhood obesity. It's just not fair to the kids.
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    As someone that has worked to reunify families, this should (ALWAYS) be a last resort. There is significant damage done when removing a child from the parent(s). In home parent education and other educational/nutritional supports should be utilized first.
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    Not necessarily
    But maybe some counseling for all
    I never want to see kids taken from their families unless the situation can't be helped


    People do not realize how traumatizing removing a child from a loving parent can be for the child. The child doesn't see anything wrong with their relationship with their parents. To be taken away from someone that hugs you everyday, tucks you in at night, and tells you that you are the most special thing in the world can be utterly devastating for the child.

    It's completely different when a child is beaten. The relationship is clearly damaged. But to take a child under any other circumstances is really harmful to the child's psyche.
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    Yes, in my opinion. It's child abuse. Work with the families first, to teach nutrition and exercise, and healthy habits, but if the parents refuse to change, and providing the child doesn't have some sort of medical condition that makes for a certain body type, then yes. The children should be removed.
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    what a horrible thread.:indifferent:

    this is neither fun nor games:angry:

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    Governments need to take accountabillity before they mess with anyone's children, look at daily recommende foods on most government site's, most recommend approx 7 servings of Bread(rice,pasta,cereal) witch are mostly simple carbs and loaded with sugar and only recommend 2 to 3 servings of meat and or milk/cheese/yogourt.
    You misinform society and then make them accountable, they should have government funded programs to educate on PROPER nutrition and funded exercise programs and then if nothing is done by the parents to help these kids, the government sould step in.Because the children suffer for everyone else mistakes once again.